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Thread revived...!

Hi people, I thought of a story for the TTB PV. I know you all are probably sick of TTB's stories now... but this was the PV that got me thinking about what they felt about the song and what it wanted to convey.

Its more similar to Ninetales' style, so its very melancholic (some might say morbid, I was :rain: :rain: at my comp muttering "what did I just do??!!') Its not hilarious like Cerise's or CruelAngel's nor as epic as Ninetales who must have spent more energy on her stories... Yeah. Enjoyed all of theirs. :dote:

So... enjoy the story, and guide me along...!

In an old, abandoned manor, there lives 3 young spirits, played by the Kalafina girls. They are being controlled by another spirit (we’ll call her Flora), who is a very powerful spirit, who died tragically of a broken heart, when her lover cast her away for another woman. In return, she swears revenge on all men in the world. It was later that she adopted the 3 young spirits and brought them here to live with her. In return for her “kindness” to them, the girls must do her bidding. She wants them to prey on the men from all over the region they are based at, to win their love, and then find ways and means to abandon the men after they have sunk so deeply and Flora would then exact her revenge by sucking the broken hearts and souls of the devastated young men, and thus kill them. Flora has set the date for the young spirits to abandon their lovers- the night of the colored full moon, which signifies disaster and enhances Flora’s powers and seals the fate of the doomed men.
However, the girls, W, K, and H have lately, began to question their mistress’s motives and their own loyalty to her. They believe that not all men are like their mistress’s lover, particularly the 3 young men they have themselves fallen in love with. All 3 ladies are very reluctant to break off their love, and even more reluctant to send their beaus to a tragic end. Therefore, in their chained up, dilapidated compound on the night of the colored full moon, the girls wander, longing to get free of the high walls of the manor that shuts them in, singing about their own sad love and their men’s fate. K’s lover had bought her a ring and proposed to her. H’s man is saving up, working hard for their new home, while W’s lover have asked her to meet at their first meeting place on the night of the full moon. W believes he is also thinking of marriage. All three hope to escape this locked up compound and live happily with their lovers.
As they meet up and talk it over, the girls realize how fruitless this hope is going to be. They know their mistress would not take kindly to their wishes, and might even exterminate them. Even if they can survive, it would not be possible to build a new life as they are spirits and cannot live properly in the human world. From the beginning, they and their men were not meant to be. For their men’s lives and happiness, everything must return to the beginning, when they lovers do not know them. They know that they have to stand up to Flora and reject her ideas. They also know they are not likely to survive this encounter as she is far more powerful than them. As they prepare for their meeting, W, who knows her man is still waiting (perhaps, fruitlessly) for her, goes to the pond, and touches the water, illuminated by the moon, saying her anguished farewell as the other 2 watch. Her hope for her lover’s safety is illuminated as the moon loses its weird color and becomes an ordinary full moon in the water.
And, an hour later, the moon has also lost its color.
The compound at that time is ominously quiet.

So yeah... this is my story. Heh... :innocent: :innocent:

/Catches sight of all the :knife: :knife: :glower: :glower: :bloodlust: :bloodlust: around her...
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^ :omg: :omg: :omg: :omg: :omg: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: It's so saaaadddddd but it's beautiful too :TdT: Thank you for sharing it with us :touched:

Now...anyone tried their hand at giving moonfesta a plot, feasible or unfeasible? :knife: :ohoho:
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I tried my hand at moonfesta, too...

It's shorter, but a lot more happier. Tsuki no Fesuta is a happy song!

In a clearing at the edge of the little village near the forest of dreams, there dwell three sisters and their parents, who live a simple life at their little cottage near the village. By the cottage is a farm where the sisters and their parents work at, tending to the little animals, and the small plot of vegetables and flowers that grow over there. The girls are preparing for their country’s annual full moon festival, in which every village participates in a night bazaar, and a massive dance party at the town hall. Everyone’s welcome to join, preferably with dance dates and most girls of marriageable age would get asked along on dance dates by boys of similar age. The couples would take part in this dance party while the elders would shop at the bazaars.
As the girls prepare for the dance, embroidering their dresses, picking flowers to decorate their hair and present it to their dates, they sing about their preparations for the night, their love for their dates and beaus, and wonder about whether their wishes to live happily with their beaus would be realized. Under the stars and the full moon, decked out in their dresses, while waiting for the dates to fetch them, they dream about the dance that would take place later on till the morning after.

So, yeah! :dote: :dote:
Imagines the scene after... :nosebleed: :nosebleed:

So, guide me along...! :sohappy: :sohappy:

It's somewhat unfeasible... anyone who would have other ideas?
To make a boring beautiful PV more beautiful. Here's...


You are standing alone in complete darkness, right after your death. You cant see anything but you know where you are. In front of the Gates to Heaven, slowly your eyes learned to see the light as three beautiful angels greet you. But instead of talking, they started singing the story of your life. From the moment of your first breath until your last. How your young heart felt love and hatred for the first time. How you took hold of darkness in your moment of weakness. How you cried when your world was losing its brightness. And how your desire kept you running forward while reaching for a dazzling future. You hoped. But alas, before your eyes even see the dawn of your mirai, your existence ceased and here you are. Slowly, the Gates open for you. The angels continue to sing, “Your life, your existence is enough to make a mabushii sekai”. These angels shed tears for your sad but beautiful life. “Even on you last breath you never gave up this one thing, your heart.” Your heart kept your light from falling.

^ I've read so much dislike on the PV that I thought of making a story. If you think about it this way, the PV becomes nice, right? :ohoho:
^ OMG LOL :XD: :XD: Kala dansu parteh FTW :hero: :plot: Do you think you could do one for Hikari furu as well? :plz:
^ I'm glad you find it funny :ohoho: I do plan to recap Hikari Furu, but it's...just kind of hard :uh..: I'll keep trying though!
This and the meme thread should be passed to future generations. They are so precious.
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Oh god, the good old days...

Now let's see... there's Yume, Gin no Niwa, Heavenly Blue, Believe and RYB.

Of course, FJ/FJY stories might be good too.
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Long-ass Believe story:

There is a legend about an island in the middle of the sea a very long time ago. On that island there were three rivalling kingdoms who fought over the kingdoms treasures, their gold, soldiers but most especially the princesses. The three beautiful princesses of each kingdom were beautiful and kind, bringing sweetness to an island that had none, and they were best friends. They fought with their fathers, who wanted to reign over the entire country and sadly, their fights were ferocious. One day, three princes from a different country travelled to the island, and the girls fell in love with them. The princes each proposed a idea to the girls that they run away together. Opposing their fathers, the girls agreed. But in reality, the princes the ones of selfish desire, who had secretly told the Kings of each kingdom about their daughters plans to run away, and they were outraged. They sentenced the girls to a fate worse than death, immortality in prison. So the girls eternally lived in prison, their appearances never changing. As the years went by and the rulers came and went, eventually the girls were forgotten, even when the spell was broken by the city sinking under the water after centuries. Now only their souls live underwater in the wrecked underwater city, and they sing about how they still 'believe' in their princes, about how all their 'wishes' became destroyed, and those souls will wander for eternity.