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Kalafina LIVE TOUR 2017「Kalafina “9+ONE”」


I have reached Yuki nirvana
I really like that setlist for Samidare, Marchen, Haru wo Matsu, Door and Ashita no Keshiki :love: Also Kyrieeee *^*
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I have reached Yuki nirvana
The setlist is not all that special though.. the only exciting things are the new songs and Ashita no Keshiki and Samidare (which is a weird choice to open a concert) although yeay for no more signal and destination unknown. Why Kyrie and not magnolia :( Hoping for more varied setlist throughout the tour and not only 2 or 3 songs changed each concert.


Ew misterioso mirai and hb. Otherwise the setlist is good (plus Samidare and Ashita no Keshiki after so long!). Door too!


I eat sleep and breathe Yuki
I love destination unknown so I was disappointed of course that its not there, but there are other songs that make up for it.
Starting on Samidare is just a happy and cheerful note, its like 'hey we're kalafina let's all sing together and have fun tonight' like ahhh. misterioso afterwards is ehhhh...
Ashita no Keshiki... wow. Excited.
are they ever going to stop performing to the beginning? Cause jesus.
I really wanna see Haru wo Matsu live. Such ugh so pretty. Also I guess they're back to doing the normal Magia again.
Starting the encore with Ongaku is not a good thing for me. They did it in the 2014 live tour and maybe others but when they do it in a normal concert its like 'wow I'm hyped what's next YES ITS ONGAKU WOOOO' (for me anyway) but if you start an encore with it, all the hype is gone.
Ending with Eden is... ugh. At least it's not symphonia.


There was a really nice overture before samidare. It was an amazing opening! Ill write a review sometime soon. 3 different dresses were used in this live. Can't wait for tomorrow's live! Hopefully I won't hear much of the same songs lol


^ she has stopped doing those opera scale notes that are in luminality lirica sh hikari furu and ashita no keshiki


Extra shows announced in Taiwan and Hong Kong:



2017/4/16 20:00


2017年7月15日(土) 台湾・ATT SHOW BOX
2017年7月16日(日) 台湾・ATT SHOW BOX
2017年7月29日(土) 香港・九龍湾国際展貿中心6階展貿廳3