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Kalafina disbandment


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Of course the agency would try to cover their mistake as closely as possible. I mean, the hardcore Kalafina/Kajiura fans know the exact reason why this shit's happening but with that announcement spacecraft makes it like they're doing their best to keep Kalafina active and put the blame on Kajiura for leaving (the bridge is really burned down between them) even though all that they're doing is the exact opposite of it...

And if Kalafina was in Kpop, I imagine so many people would shade Wakana for staying in Spacecraft and going solo. Not that I blame her because I've posted that at her age ofc she would want stability in her career and looking at how she might has actually improved by going solo, then it's a great decision of her.

I'm only kinda sad because ofc I would miss the drama and the Kalafina/FictionJunction releases. Not sure if I'm going to be excited for any YKL releases (if they're going to release any) because Yuriko-Joelle-Kaori doesn't sound as attractive musically to my ears.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Do we have any bootleg recording of last yk live or you just dont like the combo of the names ?
He said musically, so the voices. And we do have the recording of that Anime Expo concert :p.
Personally I think the band needs another soprano to balance the voices. I would just add Remi, or a new girl. And while I like Kaori and I think she could make great things with her voice, her pitch problems and that "whiny" (idk how to call it hue) voice she sometimes uses to finish a line can really bring a performance down. I would keep Joelle, and magically bring back Keiko.


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I personally would like Remi - Yuriko - Keiko - Kaori and have Joelle singing the Emily Bindiger English songs since her tone (based on what I remember on that Anime expo bootleg) is quite similar to Bindiger's and since I'm not a big fan of Bindiger's voice I would like to not hear similar sounding voice as much as possible lol

Agree with Kowz that Kaori needs to sort out her pitch control and whiny sounding tone but idk without Kaori they wouldn't have that "pop" sound and imo they still need her to do Kajiura's japanese songs.
Ah well. Finally Poopcraft (i like that name!) said it. Hopefully now the ladies are able to focus on their individual careers.

I have a feeling Keiko may have stepped away from entertainment and may be in another job. Hopefully we can know she's alive and well soon. :comeback:

On another hand, suddenly I feel grateful the ladies disbanded without any scandals (not counting Poopcraft) and that Hikaru's mom is really smart. My friend is a Big Bang fan and the bloodbath around the team now and the KPop world in general makes any drama in CPM look like Kiddy Pillowfight.
Cpm drama is very very tame and imo doesn't even qualify as drama if you take it by any other forum standard...
@casarina26 what's the thing about Hikaru's mom?
Hikaru mentioned her mom told her that if she wanted to be a singer she needed to avoid scenarios which could turn into potential scandals, hence Hikaru avoided socialising at clubs or the like at night and was always home early.

Now, while those girls did nothing wrong, there's apparently a hunt out for them as well. These may well end up harming their careers as well through no fault of theirs. I used to think Mrs Masai was worried about nothing since Hikaru is quite sensible, but now I'm thinking she maybe right after all.
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Miss Kajiura and Miss Hikaru tweeted this link, a message about Kalafina disbandment from Miss Keiko and Miss Hikaru was posted in FictionJunction.com


A message of thank you and sorry, how they're happy they were able to meet their fans, singing songs that Miss Kajiura wrote, and how they decided to stop walking the path of creating a music together as 3 and decided to walk on their own path of music and they hope their fans could support the path that they've chosen.

Hmmm maybe the bridge is burned between them and Miss Wakana too as Miss Wakana isn't even mentioned once and Miss Kajiura said that she only reached Miss Keiko and Miss Hikaru.
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OOOH interesting thing is that Miss Kajiura was actually surprised when she learned the news of Kalafina disbandment, not halted/hiatus. However she noted that they've been together for quite a long time and it's also been quite long since they have any group activity and how she was really sorry towards the Kalafina fans. I didn't read the Kajiura part of the message before


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OOOH interesting thing is that Miss Kajiura was actually surprised when she learned the news of Kalafina disbandment, not halted/hiatus. However she noted that they've been together for quite a long time and it's also been quite long since they have any group activity and how she was really sorry towards the Kalafina fans. I didn't read the Kajiura part of the message before
Oh that is interesting. I guess Kajiura wasn’t involved in the decision making process for the groups direction after she left. I wonder who proposed the disbandment then or if it was just a mutual decision.


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Well of course she wasn't doing anything with "Kalafina" after she left the company where "Kalafina" remained.

I really don't think there were any disbandment decisions after she left. They tried reaching out beyond Kajiura with that Alcira single but once Kajiura left and for whatever reason Keiko followed... SpaceCraft very well knew it was the end since they focused on Wakana solo pretty much immediately.

I will be curious to check the booklet for Wakana's album to see if any of the Kajiura project's regular studios or people were used during recording. Obviously it don't mean shit for drama because there could be a lot of reasons for them to not work together beyond lolloyalty2anyparty. But for my personal amusement, I'm interested.

Edit: I think lack of a Wakana comment from Kajiura's side doesn't really directly imply tension between them, but moreso SpaceCraft being the middle man again and whatever Kajiura's thoughts on them are.

How speculatively juicy, eheh.
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Consider that they wait until SC announcing the disbandment of Kalafina to post the message, I feel like what they wait is the moment when Keiko and Hikaru are completely un-tied from SC. So I think that no one would mention Wakana who's still under SC, whether they still keep their connection or not. And Wakana would do the same thing. It might put Wakana in an awkward situation in her workplace if they do that. (I think it's just a common thing in all workplaces around the world when some employees left their workplaces in a bad term.)

I guess that when Kajiura left SC, she didn't intend to see the end of Kalafina after her left, but expect that the band will just continue under another producer? (They already had their own Harmony, splitted from FJC.) But after the members keep leaving SC, disbandment becomes the most reasonable thing SC should do IMO. Probably, what she might not expect the most are Keiko's and Hikaru's leaving, which leads to the disbandment.


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Well, I think Wakana has been talking about Kalafina and Kajiura in interviews and has been thankful. What I meant in my post was was specifically Kajiura (not?) reaching out to Wakana for a comment for her site, like @ritardando mentioned.

I did not google-fu the post from FJ.com yet so I'm also just responding to ritardando. Whose post I could've misread now that I look at it again. If so, apologies.

I think we all agree that SpaceCraft is the one who handled last year poorly when it comes to "Kalafina".
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