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I think it's a pitty that all the Kala-stories are spread all around the forum, and it's almost impossible to find them. So we will post them here :plot:
I will edit the first post to add more, feel free to discuss, and post more :knife:
Let the fangirling begin :sohappy: {you can join too, guys :psst: }

Dr Hikaru Masai, Sleep Specialist
Prof. Wakana Ootaki, Sharkology PhD
Ambassador Keiko Kubota, International Ice Cream Representative

Pure awesomeness :TdT:
The radio show
The wedding
The jealousy
- Operation Guilt-Trip: Keiko’s Devious Master Plan to Demolish the Wall of Resistance -
The Hikaru Attempts to Overthrow Boss Keiko in Macho Showdown
Photographer Girl
Kakkoii Hi-chan
Tsundere Wakana
Kajiura's Kalafina Kindergarten
The Field Trip
Flamingo the Arusha
Miss Keiko secretary-san
A must read
Kajiura's Cooking Show
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Good job finding all these :3
Maybe we can move the story posts themselves here eventually. They do take up a lot of room on other threads.
But wouldnt the story posts mess this thread? I mean, when you move posts they go before the first post of the thread if they are older than it. Are you ok with this ?
OMG I can't believe this thread was actually made :XD: Ah, well...I'm honoured...I guess? :bow:

/reading through old posts

Sometimes, I have no idea how my head even works like that :ohoho: But I wouldn't mind seeing some other people's contributions :stars: as long as we keep it appropriate so as not to upset people...

P.S. sequel to Kalafina Kindergarten coming up soon...


I REALLY should drop by this forum more often. Been missing out on so many great things here. :shy:

With that said...

Cerise said:
P.S. sequel to Kalafina Kindergarten coming up soon... :plot:
OMG YESH!!!! :TdT:

This is the only story I haven't read before since I've never been to the threads of the General & Spam forum. Reading it, I was LOLing till tears streamed from my eyes. ABSOLUTELY WUV IT! :dote: :XD:

Seriously, seriously can't wait for the sequel! ...Field trip? :plot: :ohoho:
^ :waii: :stars: me wants to read, Variri :gimmeh:

Meanwhile... :bow:

The Field Trip

Following the fiasco of the opening day of Kajiura's Kindergarten, the Kalafina girls were instructed to take the children on a harmless field trip.

Yuki: Now, girls, I want you to take them someplace where no trouble will be caused. :listen:

Hikaru: Mattress factory. :tea: *yawns*

Yuki: Err...we do want the children to have fun as well… :uh..:

Keiko: Ice cream shop! :waii:

Yuki: And it should be educational :uh..:

~Keiko sulking in corner, Hikaru napping~

Wakana:The ZOO. :stars:

Yuki: ...I'm not letting you anywhere near dangerous animals. :ghost: No, today, take them somewhere quiet and respectable...like the museum! :goodjob:

Wakana: OH YES SURE. :stars: :stars:

Yuki: :white: *got another sudden chill* Ahem. Well…*ignores instincts which are screaming warning right now* Off you go, then. :bye:

And so, the Kala girls set off on the bus for a day of fun-filled education at the museum with their twenty young charges.

~Within 5 seconds of boarding the bus, Hikaru curls up on back seat and falls asleep~

Wakana: Keikoooooooooo I'm so exciteddddd!!!! :waii: :waii: We're going to go see dinosaurs! And artefacts! And dinosars! And fossils! And dinosaurs! And…

Keiko: :...: ahh...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz *switches off and pretends to fall asleep*

Wakana: *obliviously checks brochure* They have a Megalodon fossil on display!!!! *squeals* :waii: :waii: :waii: *starts plotting ways to steal it*

~Ice cream truck jingles by~

Keiko : *reawakens* Is that an ice cream truck I hear? :waii: :sohappy: *opens emergency door and jumps out ninja-style on top of ice cream truck*

Kids: :white: :white: :white: :white:

Bus Driver: :vortex: :vortex: A woman just jumped out of my bus!!!

Keiko: :sparkleguy: It's okay, I'll catch up with you guys laterrrrrr!! :bye: *waves as ice cream truck drives off*

Kids: :omg: Wakana-sensei! Keiko-sensei just jumped off the bus!

Bus Driver: :blood: :blood: :blood:

Wakana: It's alright kids, she's experienced with this sort of thing. :ohoho: :goodjob:

Kids: :ghost: :plz: *mental image of Keiko-sensei* :hero: :hero: :hero:

~and so, before they even arrive at the museum, Keiko-sensei is lost to an ice cream truck~

~twenty minutes later, they arrive at the museum~

Wakana: :sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy: *runs off, completely forgot about the kids*

Hikaru: :confu: Ehhh this place is so big… *standing awkwardly in the foyer with 20 young children* :innocent: Okay, guys, you can go look at whatever you want as long you follow the signs and respect your elders. Ne? Good. I'll just be waiting right here if you need me… *curls up on a bench and promptly falls asleep*

Children: :leaf: :leaf: :leaf:

~meanwhile, 32 km away~

Keiko: :hero: *jumping epically from the top of one ice-cream truck to another, ninja-style*

Commuters: :white: :white: :white: :white:

*ice cream truck with ninja Keiko on top speeds past Kaori walking down the street*

Kaori: :tea: :tea: :white: :white: D-did I just see something weird?! :fwa: :fwa:

~Back at the museum~

Wakana: :sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy:

Children: Wakana-sensei...the security guard is staring suspiciously at you… :swt:

Security guard: :glower:

Wakana: *being completely ob-li-vi-ous~~~ * :sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy:


Hikaru: Ahhhh it's too noisy with all these people around, they're disturbing my nap… :wai: :uh..: *walks into Ancient Egypt exhibit* :waii: Ehh? This looks comfy… *climbs into empty sarcophagus on display * It even comes with a lid! :goodjob: *shuts lid and falls asleep*


Wakana: :sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy: *runs into the fossil exhibit*
:white: :white: :white: :white: T-THIS IS - :omg: :omg: :omg: :omg:
MEGALODON! :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :touched: :touched: :plz: :plz: :plz: :plz: :sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy: *jumps over barrier
(Security Guard :white: ) and glomps display*

It's so beautiful! Like in my dreams! :love: :love: :love: :TdT: :TdT: :TdT: :TdT:
*continues fangirling* :waii: :waii: :waii: :waii: :waii:

Tourists: :swt: :swt: :swt: :swt: C-creepy… *walk away quickly*

Security Guard: Hey - you there! No climbing the exhibits! :listen:

Wakana: :glower: *sudden death-glare*

Security Guard: :swt: This is bad - I must go for backup! :hero: *hurries away*

Wakana: Chance~ :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: *puts megalodon skull in handbag* :plot: :plot: :plot: :ohoho: :ohoho: :ohoho:

~squad of security guards comes running past just as Wakana leaves~

Security Guard: :white: :white: :white: THE MEGALODON SKULL! :omg: :omg: :omg: It's GONEEEE :orz: :orz:

Security Guard Captain: RELEASE THE DOGS! NO ONE PILFERS FROM THIS MUSEUM UNDER MY WATCH :glower: :glower: :glower: :glower:

Security Guards: Hai, Captain!


Yuriko: Ne, Yuuka-chan, I see an ice-cream truck! Let's get some~ :shy:

Yuuka: Okay~~ :dote:

Ice Cream Truck Driver: What flavour would you lovely ladies like? :innocent:

Keiko: *lying on top of truck* :ghost: Eaten...whole...truck...too...much... :...:

Ice Cream Truck Driver: *opens vats* :white: :omg: WHERE DID ALL MY ICE CREAM GO?!!!

Keiko: :swt: yahhh...time to go! :innocent: :ohoho: *jumps from truck to house roof and makes her getaway, leaping ninja-style from roof to roof* Thanks for the lift, oji-san~~ :bye: :sohappy:

Yuriko: :leaf: :leaf: Just now, was that...

Yuuka: :leaf: :leaf: ...........Keiko?

Ice Cream Truck Driver: :anger: :orz: :comeback: :rain:

~back at the museum~

Wakana: Ahahaha, come along kiddies, it's time to hurry back to school quickly quickly quickly~~ :ohoho: :ohoho: :ohoho:

Children:Wakana-sensei...your handbag… :swt:

Wakana: What's wrong with it, it's just a normal handbag de-shouuuuuu~~~~ :innocent: :idol:

Children: :uh..: Isn't it -

Wakana: DEEESHOOOUUUUU????????? :glower: :glower: :glower:

Children: :white: :white: :white: :hide: :hide: :hide: H-h-hai! *run onto safety of the bus*

Security Guards *running past* Hey you! Stop right there! :listen:

Wakana: :white: :swt: :innocent: *sweetly* Yes, is there a problem, officer~?

Security Guard: Please hand over your bag for a check :listen:

Wakana: Ehhhhh, but it's just a normal handbag~ :innocent:

Security Guard: :white: :uh..: You- You call that normal ?!

Wakana: Why, of course it is! It's a - uh - just a normal carry bag~ :ohoho:

Security Guard: :uh..: Ma'am, it's about a hundred times the normal size of a handbag and is bulging suspiciously in the shape of a megalodon skull...

Wakana: :swt: You're mistaken! I - uh - sometimes spontaneously go hiking for several months, so I have to keep all my hiking gear and things with me! :goodjob:

Security Guard: :bloodlust: Hand over the bag.

Wakana: :swt: It - It's rude to look inside a lady's bag! :wai: :cry: *wails*

Security Guard Captain: :white: :white: :white: Officer :knife: How could you make this woman cry?! :anger:

Security Guard: :swt: I - I - her bag - is suspicious! :hide:

Security Guard Captain: Ehhhhh… :knife: What's your name, missy?

Wakana: Wakana desu~ :innocent:

Security Guard Captain: :white: M-Massaka… :swt: You - You're - Are you...Wakana - Wakana Ootaki- from the divine former trio of musical goddesses, KALAFINAAAAAA?!!! :omg: :omg: :omg:

Wakana: Ehh, why yes, actually I am… :sparkleguy: Along with Hikaru and Keiko we are -

Wakana, Hikaru (in sarcophagus) and Keiko (30 miles away whilst mid-leap): *simultaneously* Kalafina deshita~ :idol: :idol: :idol:

Hikaru: *falls immediately back into sleep*

Keiko: *almost missed the jump from rooftop* Whoa, wonder why I suddenly did our old sign-off routine :confu: :ohoho: :sohappy:


Security Guard Captain: :leaf: With this, there's no doubt that you're the one and the same Wakana of Kalafina! :hearts: :hearts: OMG :waii: :waii: :waii: Just let me say, I'm A HUGE FAN~~~ *squeals* I LOVE you guys! I have all your CDs and Bly-rays at home! I listen to you for ten hours every day! Your music gave me inspiration to live life itself! And Kajiura-sama! I worship her! I have a shrine! :love: :love: *eagerly pulls out photos to show*

Security Guard: Ehhhhhhhhhhhhh… :uh..: Captain…. :...: :spotlight:

Wakana: :ohoho: Oh, yes, we now work for Kajiura-sama at her kindergarten~ :goodjob:

Security Guard Captain: Man, I do miss you guys! I hope you'll consider making a comeback! I'll follow you guys forever! :hero: :hero: :hero: OHHHHHH by the way, could you sign this postcard?! It's my lucky Kalafina charm that I always carry with me! :plz: :plz:

Wakana: Of course~ :sparkleguy: Now I'm afraid I have to take the children home…

Security Guard Captain: *gushing over his personally signed postcard* Certainly, certainly, of course, of course! Would you like me to carry your luggage for you, Wakana-sama? It seems a little big and heavy :waii: :waii: :waii:

Wakana: ahh...you're very kind, but no thanks~ :innocent:

Security Guard: :omgz: W-wait, captain, her bag -

Security Guard Captain: *snapping* Oi, back off - treat Wakana-sama with respect, y'hear?! :listen:

Security Guard: BUT HER BAG - :comeback:

Security Guard Captain: :glower: :glower: :glower:

Security Guard: :ghost: H-Hai...captain… :hide:

Wakana: *getting lifted graciously into bus by gentlemanly Security Guard Captain* Why, thank you, kind sir~ :chuu:

Security Guard Captain: Oh, the pleasure is all mine, Wakana-sama, all mine :bow: :shy: :shy: :shy:

*as soon as the bus leaves*

Wakana: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :ohoho: :ohoho: :ohoho: :ohoho: :ohoho: :ohoho: I have you nooooowww...at laaaaaast...my precious…….. :plot: :plot: :plot: *sits in back seat stroking her prize*

Children: :omgz: :omgz: :hide: :hide: :hide: :hide: :hide:

~later in the evening after all the traumatised children went home~

*Keiko jumps in through the window*

Wakana: Oh, Kei-chan, you're back. :ohoho: :goodjob: How was your trip?

Keiko: :dote: :dote: I ate a whole truck of ice cre- :white: WACCHAN. WHAT IS THAT?! :ghost: :ghost:

Wakana: Eh? Oh this? *pats* It's my new megalodon fossil skull which the museum kindly donated to me~ :shy: :shy: :innocent:

Keiko: D-donated, huh? :omgz:

Wakana: Yes, donated :knife: I'm going to hang it up in my bedroom, right over my bed, so it'll feel like I'm being swallowed and eaten by a megalodon in my sleep every night~~! :dote: *sighs happily*

Keiko: :swt: A-Are you some sort of strange S-type?! *prays Wakana doesn't volunteer her house for sleepovers in the future* By the way... :confu: Where's Hikaru?

Wakana: Eh. :white: I haven't seen her since we got to the museum! :vortex:

Keiko: You left Hiichan all alone at the museum?! :omg: :omg: :omg:

Wakana: The museum's already closed! What do we do?!! :ghost: :ghost:

Keiko: I-It'll be fine! Hikaru probably just went home by herself later :ohoho: :ohoho: ...I hope… :uh..:

Wakana: Y-You're right! She'll be fine! Let's...go home! :ohoho: :uh..:

~later that night~

*inside sarcophagus*

Hikaru: *yawns* It seems I've awakened...ehhh...where am I again? :confu: Oh yes, it's the museum. I wonder how long I slept :ayashii: Curse those people who woke me up with all their noise :uh..:

*outside sarcophagus*

Night Security Guard A: H-H-H-Hey, did you hear that?!! :swt:

Night Security Guard B: What? :confu:

Night Security Guard A: Th-there was the sound of someone speaking coming from that sarcophagus! :omg:

Night Security Guard B: Ehhhh, I think you're imagining things, dude. Did you get enough sleep last night? :XD:

Night Security Guard A: N-No I'm serious! It sounded like it was...was...cursing us or something! :hide: :hide:

Night Security Guard B: Ahh, don't be ridiculous, man. That sarcophagus was always empty. I think you just need a rest.

*sudden grinding noises as the sarcophagus lid inches off with security guards watching on in petrified horror. A dark figure sits up slowly whilst groaning, from within the depths of the ancient coffin*

Hikaru: *groaning* Urrghhh feeling stiff all over… :uh..: urrrrrghhhuuuuugggahhhh

Security Guard A & B: :white: :white: :white: :white: :fwa: :fwa: :fwa: :fwa: :fwa: :vortex: :vortex: :vortex: :vortex: :vortex:
YYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *runs for their lives* :hide: :hide: :hide: :hide: :hide: :ghost: :ghost: :ghost: :ghost: :imdead: :imdead: :imdead: :imdead:

Hikaru: Ara? :confu: Why did they run away? :confu: :confu: Ah well, better be off home to my real bed, so soft and fluffy~~ :sohappy:

~A week later~

Yuki: *slams paper down on table* :anger: :anger: :anger: WHAT. IS. THIS.

Hikaru: :swt: Ehhhh… *reads* "R-Restraining Order"?

Yuki: :glower: :glower: EXPLAIN. HOW. NOW.

Wakana: N-nothing happened! :swt:

Yuki: WHAT. DID. YOU. DO. :bloodlust:

Wakana: We just...ahh nothing much...we, um, really got...into the exhibits on display- *glances at Hikaru*

Yuki: :bloodlust: :bloodlust:

Keiko: And um...afterwards we just bought a few souvenirs, that's all! *stares at Wakana* :innocent: :ohoho: :desksweat:

Wakana: Er...yah...got a really nice um...wall decoration~ :goodjob: :hide:

Yuki: :bloodlust: :bloodlust:

Hikaru: And...er….the children were very much educated… :ohoho:

Wakana: ….riiiiiiiiiight, children? I'm sure you all learnt something from our museum visit, DESHOU? :knife: :knife:

Children: H-HAI! :omg: :hide:

Yuki: :uh..: :desksweat: :spotlight: I think...I'll go back to composing :TdT: :TdT:

~And so, after a short hiatus, Kalafina and FictionJunction were restored, and Yuki Kajiura once again returned to the wonderful world of music~


^ Wow, just wow... sugoi...

Kindergarten bus:


Icecream truck:



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au mai gawd
You're a comedic genius, Cerise! :XD:
Ninja Keiko! pwhaha
Wakana: We just...ahh nothing much...we, um, really got...into the exhibits on display- *glances at Hikaru*

Yuki: :bloodlust: :bloodlust:

Keiko: And um...afterwards we just bought a few souvenirs, that's all! *stares at Wakana* :innocent: :ohoho: :desksweat:

Wakana: Er...yah...got a really nice um...wall decoration~ :goodjob: :hide:

Yuki: :bloodlust: :bloodlust:

Hikaru: And...er….the children were very much educated… :ohoho:

I was waiting for Hikaru to point at Keiko :ohoho:

You're awesome :sparkleguy:
^ Awww thanks for appreciating my convoluted imagination guys :XD: :bow: :shy:

Here's a little something...

Kajiura's Cooking Show
...and why they axed it even before the pilot episode

Yuki: Hello cherished audience, and welcome to the first episode of Kajiura's cooking show! :idol: Tonight we'll be watching two teams battle it out in a heated cooking competition to see whose cuisine will reign supreme! :w00t: Keiko and Kaori, as the delegated Team Captains for tonight, now's the time for you to select your team members. :innocent:

Keiko: Join my team, Wachannn… :stars:

Kaori: Wakana, come to meeee~ :love:

Wakana: Who do I go with? :confu:

Keiko: Remember, I'm your husbando! It's only natural that you join me! :sparkleguy:

Kaori: psst, Wakana… :plot: look what I have for you… a shark-print apron…

Wakana: :waii:

Kaori: ...and a dinosaur-shaped frying pan… :sparkleguy:

Wakana: :stars: Kaaaooorrriiiii~~ :sohappy: :sohappy: Please take care of me, Captain! :bow:

Keiko: :white: :vortex: :comeback: :anger: FINE THEN! Hikaru, you're mine! :bloodlust:

Kaori: :shy: Yuuka, please join us with your knife skills~

Yuuka: Okay! :sohappy:

Keiko: Ja, Yuri-nee, welcome to the team! :sparkleguy:

Yuki: You now each have 5 minutes' strategy and prep time followed by 55 minutes cooking time. :listen: Then you'll present your dish to me for judging, as well as the rest of our expert panel. *gestures*

~Front Band Member Judge Panel give bored waves from Judging Podium~

- strategy time -

Kaori: Ok, here's the plan, Team. :sparkleguy: :plot:

Wakana and Yuuka: uh-huh :ayashii:

Kaori: Yuuka will chop, Wakana will cook, and I… :glasses:

Wakana and Yuuka: :ayashii: :ayashii:

Kaori: ...will stand and watch. :psst: :ohoho:

Wakana and Yuuka: :imdead: :imdead:

- meanwhile -

Keiko: It's alright guys, they might think they have an advantage over us with Wacchan over there, but we have a secret weapon of our own! :plot: :plot: :ohoho:

Hikaru: :confu: What is it?

Yuriko: *creepy laugh* Muahahahahahaha… :plot: :plot: :ohoho: :ohoho:

Keiko: *creepy laugh* Muahahahahaha… :plot: :plot: :ohoho: :ohoho:

*Keiko and Yuriko cackling evilly together*

Hikaru: :confu: eh… :uh..:


Yuki: Okay, prep time's up! Team KAORI and Team KEIKO, prepare yourselves! :listen: Time starts...NOW! :goodjob: :w00t: :cheer:

- feverish cooking activity -

Kaori: So, Wacchan, what are we making? :innocent:

Wakana: My specialty - gyoza~ :sparkleguy:

Kaori: Excellent, I'll leave it to you then~~ :sohappy:

Wakana: Yuuka, could you please start chopping those cucumbers? :w00t:

Yuuka: With pleasure~ :sparkleguy: *starts chopping ultra fast*


All: :white: :white: :white: :white: :white:

Yuriko: *looking across* They just produced a supersonic boom?!! Yuuka-chan's chopping speed exceeds the speed of sound?!!

Yuuka: No… *scary grin* My chopping speed can exceed the speed of LIGHTOOOOOOOO!!!

*Yuuka's hand disappears*

All: :white: :white: :white: :white: :white:

Yuki: Impressive, it seems that Team KAORI has taken the early lead. Team KEIKO has some catching up to do… :ayashii:


Keiko: :omg: What are we going to do?!!

Yuriko: Let's make salad! That's nice and easy :goodjob:

Keiko: S-SALAD?!! :omg: :omg: :omg:

Hikaru: Yeah… :confu:

Keiko: Like...as in...VEGETABLE SALAD?!! :omg: :omg: :omg:

Hikaru: Hey, it's not like you're going to be the one that has to eat it :XD:

Keiko: No...I can't even… :swt:

Yuriko: *laughs* Oh, sure you can, stop being melodramatic... :ohoho:

Keiko: :omg: Nononono you don't understand, I -

Hikaru: Here, *tosses Keiko a broccoli*

Keiko: :white: :white: AAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH :vortex: :vortex: *lets out bloodcurdling scream* I'm BURRRRRNNNNIIIIINNNNGGGGGGGGG :blood: :blood: :blood:

All: :white: :white: :white:

*sizzling sound*

*Keiko's hands start to blister*

Hikaru: :omgz: I didn't know her reaction was that serious?!! :ghost:

Keiko: ggghhh...I'm dying… :blood: :imdead:

Yuriko: :white: :vortex: :vortex: *faints*

Hikaru: :omg: Guys?!!

Yuki: Ah, it seems Yuriko has been traumatised by Keiko's horrific injuries! :idol: Now, what will Team KEIKO do 2 members incapacitated and only Hikaru standing? :ayashii:


Kaori: *cracks whip* :whip: Work on, my slav - I mean, comrades! Hahahahahaha! :ohoho: :ohoho: :ohoho:

Wakana: Yuuka, you can stop cutting the cucumbers now! :omg: :omg:

*getting buried under mountain of cucumber*

Yuuka: Can-not-stop… :kungfu: :knife: *continues cutting like crazy*


Hikaru: :omg: Wake up you two!

Keiko and Yuriko: zzzzzzzz.... :imdead: :imdead:

Hikaru: If you don't wake up now... :glower: *puts tub of ice cream in microwave*

Keiko: *suddenly awake* :omg: Yuriko wake up! *slaps*

Yuriko: :anger:


Yuki: 30 minutes left! :idol:

All: :omg: :omg: :omg: :omg: :omg:


Kaori: :white: Wakana...what is this…? *staring at cucumber slice behemoth*

Wakana: :swt: Yuuka has entered...KNIFE GOD MODE... :vortex:


Yuriko: Ok, have we mixed together all the ingredient for the pie? :innocent:

Keiko: No, wait, you forgot this! :shy: *scoops ice cream into it*

Yuriko: :white: NO! :anger:

Hikaru: zzzzzz...


Kaori: Yuuka, please stop...um... :swt:

Wakana: ...We have enough cucumber already, Yuuka… :swt:

Yuuka: What did you say?!! :knife: :knife:

Wakana and Kaori: NOTHING! :hide: :hide:


Yuriko: :uh..: Keiko...why is the soup…*Theme song plays:* stooooone coooooooooold~¯

Keiko: Oh, I added some ice cream to it just now… :goodjob:

Yuriko: :white: :glower:

Hikaru: zzzzzzzz...

Yuki: 20 minutes left! :idol:


Kaori: Wakana, how many gyoza can you make with all this cucumber?!! :omg:

Wakana: Over 9000?!! :omg:

Kaori: We've no choice then...you'd better make some cucumber sauce, and cucumber soup, and cucumber tarts, and cucumber omelettes as well… :listen:

Yuki: Remember, there are bonus points for variety of ingredients! :idol:

Kaori: :blood: :imdead:


Yuriko: Oh, did you put mayonnaise instead of cranberry sauce on the turkey? :confu:

Keiko: :confu: No, what are you talking about? That's -

*Yuriko tastes it*

Yuriko: ICE CREAAAAMMMM?!!!! :glower: :glower: WILL YOU STOP ADDING IT TO EVERYTHING ALREADDDYYY????!!!! :anger: :anger: :anger:

Keiko: B-but… :plz:

Yuriko: NO. :glower:

Keiko: But I'm the Team Captain here! :wai:

Yuriko: NO. :anger: :bloodlust:

Keiko: Yes ma'am… :hide:

Hikaru: zzzzzzzz...

Yuki: 10 minutes left! :idol:


Kaori: Wakana! :omg: Can you do it?!

Wakana: hohohoh...Kao-chan...who do you think I am? :glasses: :glasses: ACTIVATE: COOKING GOD MODE! :kungfu: :kungfu: :hero:

Kaori: :touched: :touched: :cheer: :cheer:


- meanwhile, over at the Judges' Panel -

Jr.: Come on, now, place your bets, boys! :plot: :gimmeh:

Hitoshi: I don't gamble... :uh..:

Ohira: I'll bet Kore's Dualis that Waka-chan's team wins. :sparkleguy:

Kore: WHAT. :glower: *strangles Ohira*

Yuki: 5 minutes left! :idol:


Keiko: Oh noooooes Yuriko! Look at Kaori's team! :omg: :omg: They're gonna win! :orz: :orz:

Yuriko: Despair not, Keichann~~ :sparkleguy: Remember out secret weapon? :plot: :ohoho:

Keiko: Oh yes... :ayashii: We should use it to sabotage them now... :plot: Hikaru, mind the stove for us while we're gone, okay?

Hikaru: zzzzzzzz...


*Keiko and Yuriko walk past Team KAORI's area with a steaming bowl*

Keiko: *really loudly* Hey, Yuriko, that SHARK FIN SOUP you made smell's really good... :ayashii:

Wakana: :white: :white: :white: :white: :white: *frozen* Did I hear someone say - ?

Yuriko: Why, yes Keiko, it does indeed...this SHARK FIN SOUP made from fresh SHARK FINS which were harvested from POOR HELPLESS SHARKS that lie now in the *Theme song plays:*eterrnaarruuu blueeeeeeee~¯

Wakana: NNNUUUUOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :omg: :omg: :omg: :omg: :vortex: :vortex: :vortex: :vortex:

Kaori: :omgz: Wacchan, snap out of it!

Wakana: DEEEEEESPAIIIIRRRRRRRRRR :cry: :cry: :cry: :orz: :orz: :orz: :orz:

Kaori: :omg: W-Wacchan…

*Wakana curls into foetal position, rocking back and forth* :rain: :rain:

Kaori: :white: :fwa: :fwa: She got withdrawal symptoms?!! :vortex: :blood:

Keiko and Yuriko: :plot: Successss... :plot:

- Meanwhile, the sleeping Hikaru had not noticed that the fire on the stove had caught alight on a trail of oil that led to… -

Kore: MY DUALIS!!! :omg: :omg: :omg:

Yuki: 1 minute lef-


- a huge explosion rocked the studio -

*smoke clears*

Yuki: -cough cough- *picks her way through rubble* :uh..: T-Time's up? *looks around*

Keiko: Hikaru! We told you to watch the stove! :anger:

Hikaru: :confu: Where'd the building go?

Yuriko: :@_@: Ehhhhh….

Kaori: :hide: Terrorists?!

Wakana: :...: shark...shark...shark...shark… :rain:

Yuuka: :knife: chop...chop...chop… Kaori... :headbite:

Kore: MAI CARRRRRRRR :orz: :comeback:

Ohira: Whoooaaa, dude :ohoho: :punched: :ouch:

Jr.: :XD: :XD: Nice one, guys!

Hitoshi: :uh..: I am surrounded by fools…

:waii: :waii: Cerise!! another story!!


:XD: :XD: :XD: :XD: :XD: :XD:

Yuki: -cough cough- *picks her way through rubble* :uh..: T-Time's up? *looks around*

Keiko: Hikaru! We told you to watch the stove! :anger:

Hikaru: :confu: Where'd the building go?

Yuriko: :@_@: Ehhhhh….

Kaori: :hide: Terrorists?!

Wakana: :...: shark...shark...shark...shark… :rain:

Yuuka: :knife: chop...chop...chop… Kaori... :headbite:

Kore: MAI CARRRRRRRR :orz: :comeback:

Ohira: Whoooaaa, dude :ohoho: :punched: :ouch:

Jr.: :XD: :XD: Nice one, guys!

Hitoshi: :uh..: I am surrounded by fools…

Pure genius!! :waii: :hero: