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Kajiura's twitter discussion

^ maybe its the Kimetsu no Yaiba one, since no trailer with music is out yet and 6 months prior to airing seems like a good point to finish the recording. Unless she has more unannounced projects.


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I think heaven’s feel is more likely. Kajiura usually waits pretty late to do recordings and hf premiers in a month.
Apology to those FictionJunction Station members who missed out on getting a ticket to one of the talk events:




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Kajiura went to OLDCODEX concert...

D-did Kajiura already spoiled the one in charge of OP/ED for Kimetsu no Yaiba? And she will be handling the composition?? This is purely speculation but I don't see any reason why she would go to a concert of them suddenly then I remembered the picture uploaded by Kugayama of Highway Star artists...

Yasunori Mori(former agent of Kajiura from spacecraft but still working with her until now) - Executive staff of Highway Star -> OLDCODEX etc. were handled by the said management -> OP Theme song artist of God Eater -> Anime done by ufotable -> ufotable in charge of Kimetsu no Yaiba -> music by Kajiura and Shiina

Two problems tho: it's a male band(lol) and depends if they will use lantis/sony music artist for the anime. And remember that time when she went to SH concert where Joelle is kind of surfacing around Kajiura due to LORD? What I'm trying to say is that she won't go to some concert if there's no meaning behind it. PURELY SPECULATION THOUGH but kind of interesting tweet haha
Kajiura doing a song for GRANRODEO would be hilarious TBH. Especially considering how people here hated Masaaki Endoh in that Lacrimosa live.

Also, @george1234 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWywZUfpWsA does it count as pop?
That was Hironobu Kagayama singing Lacrimosa with Kalafina on Anipara Ongakukan, Masaaki Endoh has sung Uninstall with Chiaki Ishikawa on the same programme and solo (with Chiaki-san on chorus?) on one of his ENSON cover albums.
Yuki Kajiura confirmed that she was responsible for music on Magia Record:



今回のイベントは、プレイヤー皆様のマル秘昔写真を色々見せて頂きましたの。当然私も出さねばならず、会場でご覧頂いたカジウラがまだ無垢だった頃のお写真がこちらなのです。そう、時代を感じすぎるモノクロ(笑)。わたしめっちゃくっちゃゴキゲンなベイビーだったらしいぜ……( ´艸`)。