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Kajiura's twitter discussion


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I could find no appropriate thread so I'm making a new one here :)

I saw a nice dialog between Kajiura sensei and Kaida san today on Twitter starting from this twitt:

yurikokaida said:
PS: Kajiura san's album pictures are very nice! They have a kind and feminine huggy feeling in them. I want to be hugged~ Also, I want iiko iiko♡ (getting patted on the head)

Fion0806 said:
@yurikokaida えっ姉さん抱かれたいなんてそんな……(*゚ー゚*)ポッ もっと早く言ってくれれば今日イイコイイコしたのに〜w
hey~ you want to be hugged, right? (*゚ー゚*) You could have told me earlier today, I'd have done iiko iiko to you~w

yurikokaida said:
@Fion0806 恥ずかしくて言えなかったんです。。なんだか私、いい子いい子されるのに弱いんです
I was too shy to say it... anyway, being patted on the head is my weak spot

Fion0806 said:
@yurikokaida じゃあ今度バンドメンズ歌姫総出でよってたかってイイコイイコしましょう!(/≧∇)/(〃▽〃)\(∇≦\)~~キャァ♪
Okay, next time let's all do iiko iiko to you, together with the band members and singers! (/≧∇)/(〃▽〃)\(∇≦\)~~

yurikokaida said:
@Fion0806 わ〜いわ〜い♡でも結構照れるかも。。
Wa~i wa~i ♡ but I might get pretty shy...

Fion0806 said:
@yurikokaida こんの〜、照れ屋さんめ〜♪今度嫌でもイイコイイコしちゃう。エヘヘヘ♪((((  ̄ρ ̄)//...((((ノ*^▽^)ノイヤーン♪
Hey~, mrs shy~♪next time I'll do iiko iiko to you even if you don't want it. teeheehee♪((((  ̄ρ ̄)//...((((ノ*^▽^)ノnooo
(she said "konno~" for "hey~")

yurikokaida said:
@Fion0806 慣れてないもので。。「こんの〜」って今野さんの意味もあるのですか〜?
Since I'm not getting used to it... when you said "konno~", was it about Konno san~?

Fion0806 said:
@yurikokaida ……いえ…ないですないです!今野師匠を呼び捨てになんて私には無理すぎです〜〜!!
...no... it's not it's not!! I can't even address master Konno without a honorific~~!!


....... I also want a hug from Kajiura sensei!!!!!!!!! :comeback: :comeback: :comeback: :comeback:


El Cazador de la Yuki
yuki.n said:
....... I also want a hug from Kajiura sensei!!!!!!!!! :comeback: :comeback: :comeback: :comeback:
I think Nanri Yuuka specializes in doing this now, especially the いい子いい子 part. :XD:

That was a hilarious conversation between Kajiura and Kaida! :ohoho:


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Almost every Japanese artists are lesbo/gay for fanservice

*is whacked* :imdead:


El Cazador de la Yuki
Well, Kaida Yuuko still molests women despite being married. And so did Asakawa Yuu when she was married (and she's still sexually harassing women now after her divorce). There are many others too. :psst:

Haven't heard anything from Chiba Saeko lately yet though. :XD:

Anyway, Kajiura sure is awsm when it comes to handling her "children". :ohoho:


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Re: Re:

^ He mentions, now and again, 夫 which usually is translated as 'my husband'.

It could also be someone's name, but...just think of at how he usually looks in pictures. :desksweat: