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Kajiura's twitter discussion


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So it was on her Facebook, not Twitter, but! We learned the linguistic origin of Kajiurago!

The context is that she went to the opera (Rigoletto) when she was still in Paris, so she remembered her childhood. She liked going to the opera, and when she was back, she'd often try to sing (together with her dad and sister) the opera songs. However, they spoke no Italian or French, so the lyrics were just mangled, whatever the opera's lyrics sounded like to little Japanese ears. And that's what her current Kajiurago comes from!

EDIT: Source: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1493831454012952&id=100001583365922
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So Japanese girl in Europe gets confused when she hears European languages, and then grows up to compose music using her own invented language based on the fun times spent with her father trying to make sense of those confusing European languages all those years ago?

That's beautiful.
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Not exactly only about Kajiura, but couldn't find any better place to post:

Joelle (from Sound Horizon) and Kajiura recently had an exchange on Twitter, and Joelle said that she would be happy if she could "help Kajiura in some form".... though this is just something Joelle happened to mention, it would be really cool if Kajiura could compose something for Joelle, cause her voice is freaking amazing.

Google Translate says:
Thank you ♫ Yuki's music is truly amazing. I would be happy if I could help you in some form ✨ ♪ ♪ Please take care!


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Didn't she sing in the L.O.R.D. soundtrack? Release soon... right?

Not saying she can't sing with Kajiura again though, hue. I always welcome new singers.
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Too lazy to look up, but recently she was tidying up a huge pile of sheet music from various things. In there, she found something labeled only as "M29" (or something - can't remember the number). She usually does write the title of the work it's for, but sometimes she omits it, so this one left her puzzled - "M29 of which work?!". It didn't have a melody either, so she was looking at the chords and trying to figure it out :XD:
Can anyone give a good translation of this:




I eat sleep and breathe Yuki
[6:40 PM] yuki.n: @Kugayama the director told her "I don't want background music, I want foreground music"
[6:40 PM] yuki.n: in her lives she thinks all band members have a leading role
[6:40 PM] yuki.n: and that's when she started calling them front band members