Kajiura Yuki at AnimagiC 2023

Definitely Yuriko should have sung an extended version of “das wandern”, being a German event lol

Now, seriously. Heaven was so random but a gift for true Kajifans. Did she ever performed that song in previous lives or it was a prelude for the 30th anniversary?
They performed Heaven recently in FJS Live and Talk vol.2. This Animagic setlist is basically the same as the setlist they performed in that live.
Sorry Lullaby is not a cover, I wrote it quickly and first thing I thought was from album fiction instead of noir...

This is today's, I'll upload Fridays later cause I have it in video format (even if black) and I cannot upload it now

Thank.you soooo much!
Edit: i love Heaven 😍 i need more See-Saw. And i really like Sokyu no fanfare
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Ahoooi together ^^/

O.O:: - Just found this webseite and with it, the info, that YK and full band were on that AniMagic 2023 in Mannheim.
I should have found that info before..
Always wanted to listen to them live *____*

That weekend not only they were all on that site, but also YK had her birthday on Sunday, if I got that right? oo*

Spent the Saturday on the Autobahn driving for 11 hours to feetch a Roland keyboard stand (dual stack) from an ebay seller.
If I had known, I would have been in Mannheim else.... ^^'

Just hope they will return one day to AniMagic in DE.. *__*
I'll keep a close eye on this website and its forum. :D

Also: BIG THANKS for sharing m8! ^^