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Kajiura left Spacecraft in Feb 2018 (confirmed by her) & Keiko left Kalafina and Spacecraft (confirmed)

Hayden Kurosaki

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[QUOTE="Westkana, post: 304339, member: 20247"Only problem is that this is going to be an incredibly difficult challenge, as barely any female singers sing with the same bass-y quality as Keiko- heck, the only singer that comes close off the top of my head is British (Hannah Reid of London Grammar)[/QUOTE]

My exact thought . . . I mean, J'Nique Nicole is in Tokyo and sang for NieR:Automata with a very attractive range, but . . . well, she's black.


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I personally like the possibility of introducing a new 3rd member. Considering Kala style's been kinda stagnant for some time, it would probably give this much needed feeling of "refreshment. But finding a replacement for Keiko is definitely gonna be a hard task, considering her unique range (Kei-chan's"ukare sawagi tada yumemigokochi de" from In Your Eyes, hands down :comeback:). Not to mention the immense pressure new girl would be put under. At least I hope the Kalafans wouldn't turn their backs on her for "not being Kei-chan".

Let's see see how it turns out...:spotlight:

But maybe... there's a chance of some "Kalafina feat. Kubota Keiko" at least :touched:
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Even though I am entertained, I want this situation to be officialy over sooner rather than later so this new "Kalafina" (or whatever it's going to be called) is gone from this Yuki Kajiura forum and I don't feel this burning desire to partake in these discussions like the idiot that I can be...

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Their most popular song (as proven by the 10th anniversary live poll), Alleluia, will be NOTHING without KEIKO. Their most performed live song, Ongaku, will be NOTHING without KEIKO.

I don't think finding an alto to replace her will solve this problem. Fans have adapted to the sound of KEIKO being the glue that holds WAKANA's and HIKARU's vocals together. Having voices melt together as one is difficult, and will be tough to mimick the effect these three had going on for ten years (well, since sprinter/ARIA). It's awkward enough for me to hear HIKARU partake in oblivious, Kimiga hikarini kaeteyuku, and Kizuato, because she simply wasn't planned as a vocalist for these songs (I said awkward, not that I dislike it. I happen to enjoy her presence LIVE. But paradoxically somehow still doesn't feel official to me).

I'm glad they kept Kalafina going with WAKANA and HIKARU though because it opens up opportunities to see them live as "Kalafina" and to perform "Kalafina" songs. But new members? Might as well rebrand. Honestly don't know who would want to take up the role of KEIKO's replacement and be held at extremely high expectations. Prospectively, they might do well. But retrospectively in Kalafina's discography, it'll be hard for this new member to truly understand the Kajiura sound.


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Unexpected plot twits: auditions to find a new member are made, Maya gets chosen again (??
Everything I had to say is exactly what Atlas said. Even if they found the best voice ever, she (or he?) still would have to deal with ridiculous high expectations, and will never be able to fully "replace" Keiko. This must be an really uncomfortable and stressful situation for anyone.
Holy seventh heaven, if it was just one person, I sincerely wish her/him? all the best. The amount of expectations and criticism heaped at one wrong note will be immense. That's why I thought of 2-3...it takes the pressure off them in addition to the words I mentioned, and it becomes less of a replacement, more of new meat for the grinder.

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That is actually not any kind of a bad idea at all. BUT wouldn’t she have to assimilate back into Spacecraft, IF Keiko can’t claim the trademark? grunty has a point — for example the new composer might have more of a mind to replace Hikaru, and stretch more of Hikaru’s range, or something — but I always instinctively hear the details of lower parts of songs first and Keiko was a person that actually made me notice that and realize I enjoy it.

A male member would be interesting. We should get Atlas over there pronto!
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Would you guys say that Kajiura leaving Spacecraft pretty much would guarantee we'll never see a Works for Soundtrack II? If we never get a clean copy of that Eri Ito song from Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations, life is less worth living going forward. LOL
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