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Hayden Kurosaki

Can someone verify this, I'm sure it's not true but the voiceof Luna is very similar
(I used Zalmos Proxy to un-copyright-block this) I agree about that super-similarity to Luna's tone (to my ear; Westkana or someone can probably give a more accurate observation). Same situation with either Kaori or someone that has a similar tone to her.

IDK who's on Keiko's part.


HA! I live in her CLOSET!
@Barbi-Hoseki @Hayden Kurosaki I'm afraid it's blocked in my country and I'm not sure how to get around the block. :rain: If one of you could get the mp4 for it and send it separately I may be able to see it. It's really interesting because I never thought I would see GARNiDELiA, LiSA, Luna Haruna, and Kaori all in the same song.


HA! I live in her CLOSET!
Got a way around it.

I really can't tell, mainly because it's so low quality. I'm tempted to go more with not legit, mainly because I don't hear LiSA or Kaori at all (though Kaori does have a somewhat similar voice to MARiA from GARNiDELiA). Speaking of MARiA, most of what I hear during Wakana's part of the chorus sounds somewhat like her, especially in the final chorus. The verse part sounds sort of like Luna Haruna in her lower range (ex: Sora wa Takaku Kaze wa Utau), but there's still something a little amatuerish about it....

Listening to it a few times, I'm gonna say not legit, but whoever's singing over Kala is doing a damn good job of emulating Luna Haruna and MARiA's voices


install opera browser on your computer and activate its built-in VPN. worked wonder on me so far. it sounds like a karaoke recording lmao like they all sing on top of Kalafina's recorded version (bcs on the part where the W-K-H sounds very prominent/there's no other person singing on top of their voices it's identical to red moon CD ver - so does the instrumental) and tbh the main vocal sounds like one person to me - and that person sounds closest to LiSA and maybe Luna (on the final chorus) to my ears, but whoever this person is she sounds great doing Hikaru's part.


Briefly coming out of lurking to confirm the Blaze acapella is very similar to Xmas Acoustic Blaze from last year. Just with some piano and strings at that kind of tempo <3

Bye again <3


Yuki Kajiura to appear on Keiichi Nozaki's radio programme on 11 January 2018: