We might expect tracks for Historia, TRC, and other NHK music she made... I wonder if they'll perform the theme of Great Nature
Half of the guests on the guest list are anisong singers so there's a huge chance that she'd just perform Homura again lol. Maybe Historia Opening Theme too if they gave her slot for 2 songs.
deserb :goodjob: Glad she used her name here instead of FJ
Obviously she will be performing Parade lmao if collab happens it would be soukyuu no fanfare

Celebrating 30 years since her debut, Kajiura Yuki is a legend in the Japanese anime music scene. She performs a special medley, including the main theme of Kimetsu no Yaiba, and Magia, the theme song to Puella Magi Madoka Magica, along with SOUKYUU NO FANFARE, the 10th anniversary theme song for Sword Art Online featuring special guests ASCA and ReoNA.

Oh boy, Magia.

Seems like it's also streaming on nhkworld? Pity I'm not going to be at my computer all of that weekend...

Dissapointing she keeps inviting Hikaru. More magical volume booster in the mix I guess :tea:
What a setlist... The animes that propelled her to (more) fame, indeed.
Where's Yuriko? 👀
That's all NHK is listing for day1 and those first 50minutes (actually they don't specify what is for which part so it might be everything and I guess Kajiura's part might end up in part2?).
Everyone else is listed with one song so this Kajiura medley might not even be 3 complete songs either.

Don't know if there were any complete reports from the actual recording?
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At first, I wondered that who’ll take Hikaru’s part in Magia, and then I see updates here..lol.

If Hikaru hadn’t been there, I’d like to hear Keiko’s version, but another problem would be who’ll take Keiko’s part…lol. Hikaru’s present in Magia is very strong, but I don’t mind a cover, whether it’s similar to the original or not, if it’s good enough :p.