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Japanese singers, composers and musicians on Twitter

For those who use twitter, I was wondering if we could assemble a list of official accounts of Japanese singers/voice actors, composers and musicians and their management?


cpme canta-per-me.net: cpme
梶浦由記 Yuki Kajiura: fion0806
石川智晶 Chiaki Ishikawa: ishikawachiaki3
ishikawachiaki_staff (Chiaki Ishikawa's staff): ishikawachi_FC
アニメロサマーライブ公式 Animelo Summer Live: anisama
貝田 由里子 ‏ Yuriko Kaida: yurikokaida
いとうかなこ いとうかなこ Kanako Ito:‏ ito_kanako
織田かおり ‏Kaori Oda: odakaori_0511
植松伸夫 (Nobuo Uematsu): UematsuNobuo
ryuichi sakamoto: ryuichisakamoto
SOLID VOX: solid_vox
水樹奈々 Nana Mizuki:‏ _NANA_MIZUKI_ [edit this doesn't look official]
Hiromi Uehara: HiromiUehara1
栗林みな実 ‏ Minami Kuribayashi: minami_kuri
atsuko (Angela): angela_atsuko
黒崎真音 Maon Kurosaki: kurosakimaon
savage genius@6/8札幌 Savage Genius: aa_sg
Hiroaki Yura (Eminence):‏ HiroakiYura

Part of the motivation for this is to be able to identify upcoming live events in time to obtain tickets and book time off work, travel and accommodation.

Would anyone else be interested in listing the twitter details for Yuki Kajiura's extended family of singers and musicians and management?
From the accounts Kajiura-san follows:

FJC_STAFF_2012 https://twitter.com/FJC_LATOUR2012
Kalafina_Staff https://twitter.com/Kalafina_Staff
近藤光(ufotable) https://twitter.com/hikaruufo
Tomoharu "Jr" Takahashi https://twitter.com/Jr_Tommaso
Korenaga Koichi https://twitter.com/KORE1225
野崎圭一 Keiichi Nozaki (Bee-Train Director) https://twitter.com/nozaki_p
Konno Hitoshi 今野均 @konkin7777 https://twitter.com/konkin7777
mecken ogiwara @mecken_mo (one of Yuki's bassist - mainly worked for See-Saw, FJ Yuuka and Saeko) https://twitter.com/mecken_mo
LisAni news https://twitter.com/LisAni_NEWS
Ray (singer) https://twitter.com/_r__a__y__
Lawson (ticket agent) https://twitter.com/akiko_lawson
Yui Sakakibara (singer, voice actress) https://twitter.com/YuiSakakibara
Eri Kitamura (singer, voice actress) https://twitter.com/KITAxERI
Joysound https://twitter.com/JOYSOUND_PR
Faylan staff https://twitter.com/faylan_staff
PIA (ticket agent) https://twitter.com/anime_pia
Chiaki Ishikawa staff https://twitter.com/ishikawachi_FC
Flying Dog records https://twitter.com/FlyingDogInc
Lantis record company https://twitter.com/lantis_staff
Mami Kawada (singer) https://twitter.com/mamikawada
Aki Misato (singer) https://twitter.com/misatoaki


I like Yuki
After spending the last couple of years working as a lyricist (including 5 songs for Yuuka Nanri) Miho Karasawa is returning to singing. She has signed to Lantis under the name TRUE. Her first Lantis single 「UNISONIA」 (released 26th February) is the opening theme for anime "Buddy Complex", now showing on Tokyo MX.