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I beg you (Aimer)


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Thanks yuki.n. I wonder about that word “rabbles.” Is that meaning mob of people? And is that the translation of uzou muzou? Also minor typo in last stanza, 6 lines down, “my my.”
Thanks, typo fixed! And yes, that's the translation of uzou muzou. I didn't know that specific word so I went with this: https://jisho.org/search/有象無象

EDIT: I'm not sure if that's referring to something that makes more sense to those familiar with the Fate universe, so if someone has a suggestion for a better translation, please let me know.


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Yea, well. (Not having seen the movie yet) the way I see the song is
The verses are "broken girl" dealing with her life (Sakura's had a fucked life) and unfamiliar feelings (@ Shirou, her one light).
The first two refrains are Sakura's nightmares/lolEvil whereas the final refrain/ending is her screaming through after she gives in to lolEvil.
"mud" is also what spills out of the Grail in the ending of Zero.

At least that's what was used in the VNs translation that I saw. Not sure if it's the same word in Japanese.
Kirei infodump from Heaven's Feel (possibly to be adapted in the 3rd movie).

If you only watch the first sentence (50m12s) and have seen Zero it's nothing too bad. Hard spoilers for pretty much EveryThing in this video otherwise.

The front and back cover of the single are possibly the same scene. *wink wink*
I actually don't recall if there was an Alice in Wonderland kind of dream in the VN. There's definitely an interlude with a bunch of potential rapists getting killed.

Maybe they adapt it through an Alice in Wonderland dream in the movie. There's some suspiciously evil grinning bears floating around in that cover art...

Also in one scene Kirei says ~"so you chose to accept being a human eating monster" or ~something like that. Can't frikin find it.
tldr: GJ Kajiura x Aimer.
(Obviously I could be wrong. ;p)

Edit: for clarity and some extra context.
Edit2: and more lulz. I think that's all I've got. A Fate/Nasu expert can probably say more, I'm just a casual...
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