Hiroyuki Sawano [nZk]

I hate the screaming on the refrain but other than that its a nice song. Do you think he is involved in the whole soundtrack? the other 2 songs have his style as well (check uploader)


aka Pokemon Tarzan

Comsidering how the only pokemon that actually talk outside of the movies are Team Rocket's mewth and mewtwo, i wonder how that gorilla pokemon learned to speak inside the jungle and in turn teached the girl 😅 (but in every pkmn movie there is one that talks mostly via telepathy)
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Afaik it’s his only involvement in this movie. Enough Sawano for the first half of 2020 plz (SNK, Gundam, Nanatsu no Taizai, Kingdom, Thunderbolt Fantasy, 86, and probably a new nzk album).

Pokemon for the win.
https://natalie.mu/music/news/411512As we're all expecting a new collab with Aimer, her new album coming the same month would possibly feature some kind of <jDIo84hs86WP_ver.> among the unreleased tracks. Or/and maybe he'll try to gain more in popularity with a new collab with LiSA?
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#15 iv / SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]
AiNA THE END, wow, that's pretty ambitious.
Technically speaking, the music is well done as always. But by listening to 10 seconds randomly, it's so easy imo to know what to expect for the rest of the album (same construction, no climax, no particular instrument...). So I'm a little bit disappointed as always considering that he should collaborate with singers to bring the best of themselves instead of just promoting his name. On the other hand it's great to have a composer out there extremely active, who also keeps reviving his old stuff!!!

2V-ALK >> R∃/MEMBER > iv , o1 (but the best track so far remains [nZk]o1)
Inb4 the fans go "OnE M0re adDiTIoN To THe harEM", "SaWAn0g0d" or "AbS0luTE GoAT" although he didn't even write one full lyric sheet for this album :ohoho:
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ir_PRErPnb0The Gundam is literally bowing to Sawano...
Know the difference when one composer promotes her stuff on a 400 subscribers channel while another does it on a 1 million subscribers channel T_T
I wouldn't even be surprised if he makes an appearence at the Olympics.

EDIT: after having listened to this: nah, sry Sawano but this is terrible, the way they "sing"... beeeh
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Helps to have a giant transforming model to promote and some money for a 12hour shoot.

Recording&Mix Engineer: Mitsunori Aizawa (SIGN SOUND)

Hello there blast from Kajiura's past.