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The covers have been revealed!


The Limited is on the left, while the Regular is on the right!


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The teaser video for the new Hikaru album has been released!


In the end, it will include Hikaru's anime tie-ins, two B-sides, pulsation (English version) and a total of five brand new songs

M01. Altern-ate
M02. 螺旋の繭
M03. The Sacred Torch
M04. Ambient Border
M05. イエスノウ
M06. カナシイケダモノ
M07. かわいそうだよ
M08. disclose
M09. clea-rly
M11. landscape
M12. pulsation(English ver.)
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Ahh, I’m so glad that we finally got the track list! I’m definitely excited for the new songs, though I’m not going to listen to the teaser until the album’s released. It’s always nice to be surprised.

(Also, the second song is composed by Kayoko Kusano. I love a lot of the stuff she’s done with LiSA, so I’m particularly anticipating that one!)


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From first impressions alone, this could be the best album out of the members' solo career. I'm loving all the new album tracks, I'm glad Hikaru is going for a more upbeat/pop sound instead of her very forgettable same-y indie releases.

I wish they didn't recycle half the album from previous releases though. Altern-ate is fantastic, but I'm iffy on disclose (good atmosphere, meh melody) and Sacred Torch (generic anime OP). If Avaricia, Angaecum and Fili were here this would be a hell of an album.

I wonder what happened to her YouTube covers, they were all FANTASTIC. I have them on regular rotation and prefer these to the originals hands down. I think she'd do really well if she'd release a cover album following the same style.


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Album aside, Hikaru also made a collaboration with a cover band LambSoars and recorderd their version of 君がくれたもの (Kimi ga Kureta Mono) by ZONE.


I'm smitten with this performance, it goes on my playlist. It sounds very nostalgic and warm. The final unisono part highlights how greatly Hikaru's voice benefits from being supported by other vocalists.
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Just dropping in to say I'm really excited for this album! I've listened to the demo tracks and they all sound really good. Her voice has definitely improved a LOT compared to the end of Kalafina, and the collabs with LambSoars show that (especially her solo parts in the pre-chorus of ムーンライト伝説). Now just hoping she puts them on the US iTunes store :TdT:


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Good news, Hikaru's new songs aren't half bad. It's on YouTube Music now and I presume Spotify as well.

New tracks only:
Rasen no Mayu - This was my least favourite from the bunch. It feels like one of her indie songs with a guitar arrangement, so it doesn't sound very original or catchy.

Ambient Border - Besides the abrupt transition from verse to chorus, love it! Super catchy and I love the instrumentation. And she's signing high notes without struggling *gasp* (probably the best vocal performance in the album). Don't like the fadeout at the end with the ticking clock, please just end the song normally.

YESNO - 90s JPop meets funk (the middle section is FANTASTIC). It sounds like a Persona song without the horns. I love how the arrangement changes throughout the song and circles back to the chorus.

Kanashii Kedamono - LOVE the showtune/Vegas vibes from the horns. Like a cooler Avaricia. Laidback yet upbeat, this is probably my favourite song in the lineup. Key change at the end but it didn't sound cheesy at all, super good.

Kawaisoudayo - Like an ED to a sad anime kinda song (piano, vocals and beat) that picks up after the chorus. This would be a fantastic song for Keiko because her voice would be SO GOOD for this, unfortunately Hikaru doesn't have the technique to carry this song (she whispers the quieter parts instead of singing them softly). High notes here are a little grating. The song is good, Hikaru's vocals here are not unfortunately.

Overall, it's a really good first album (including the single tracks). It's by far the best of the trio and has the most track variety (not just sad songs like Wakana or bad songs like Lantana, sorry Keiko but you only had ONE good track). It leans more rock due to the singles (Alternate, disclose, clearly) but on a whole every track is distinct and listenable.

- Ambient Border
- Kanashii Kedamono
- Altern-ate
- clea-rly
- disclose

- The Sacred Torch
- Kawaisoudayo (really wanted this to be higher)
- Rasen no Mayu

- Pulsation (I don't like the original either)
- landscape (big dud)

Not sure how well this will sell but it seems like Hikaru is well-liked among the anime community for her OPs. She's the only one who's managed to gain new fans which is impressive.


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I'll throw my two cents as well:

螺旋の繭 - very, very, very LiSA. Still, it gets the job done. Fast, lively song, Hikaru's voice is fabulous, will sound even better with an actual band I think. Love the high voiced parts.

Ambient Border - LOVE IT!!! It is one of those songs that don't bring anything new, but just hit the good A# C D progression so well. Could definitely become a hit if it was tied with a popular show. Her best anisong by far in my opinion.

イエスノウ - Something you would expect from a disco band from the 80's. However, after Hikaru did Impossible Love, it doesn't feel slightly bit out of place. Super catchy. Just dance. The middle part with the acid bass is fantastic, like Saber said.

カナシイケダモノ - When I heard the teaser for the first time, I though "Lol, this song wants to be Gira-Gira so badly". And while the similarity during certain parts is blatant, I no longer really mind it. Hikaru's doing a lot of experiments with the jazzy mannerism, and is clea-rly having great fun singing this way. And she's nailing it (This Toki at 3:00 is just yummy).

かわいそうだよ - Not my cup of tea, another ballad. I'd gladly have had Impossible Love or diary in its place.

Overall, I'm very pleased. Only five new songs, but coupled with her best releases, they make a very strong combo. Hikaru displayed considerably more raw power, stamina and expressiveness. Ballad period seems to be the thing of the past, and the versatility is back again so I can't be happier. Now I'm crossing my fingers for this album to be at least a moderate success, to set her up for the future.

My subjective rating would be sort of this:
1. Ambient Border
2. clea-rly
3. disclose
4. イエスノウ
5. カナシイケダモノ
6. Altern-ate
7. 螺旋の繭
8. landscape
10. The Sacred Torch
11. pulsation(English ver.)
12. かわいそうだよ
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Loved the album. There wasn’t a single song that I disliked! I love the twisting madness of Alternate; the folky grace of Sacred Torch; the rough darkness of Disclose; the thrill of Clearly; the atmosphere of Just Do It; the joyful beauty of Landscape; and the awesomeness that was Pulsation’s English Version.

And that’s just the already released songs! Rasen no Mayu is upbeat and just a banger in general. Ambient Border has a lot of power behind it, as well, just generally sounding pretty. Yes-No is very much like one of Sora Amamiya’s ‘clubby’ songs, which emphasizes just how fun and catchy it is! Kanashii Kedamono has a nice, jazzy beat with a brass arrangement, and Kawaisoudayo is a lovely ballad!

So, yeah. I really enjoyed Kaihōku. My only complaint was that it wasn’t fourteen songs so Determination and Impossible Love could be on there, but either way it’s still a great album.


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hmmm I have to say I liked it! I can't say that I am big fan of any particular song but my god Hikaru is killing it compared to solo Wakana or Keiko.
composition is so important; Hikaru's team is doing well, one has to acknowledge them too.

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Yay it’s on Apple Music now!

Obsessed with “ambient border” and “kawaisoudayo”.
Although I gotta say the outro to ambient border sounds like an incomplete demo… woulda been nice to add some vocalization or choral work against the seemingly bland inst as it fades away into tick tocking..
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弊社所属 Hikaru//の新型コロナウイルス感染に関するご報告​



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Completely agree with you all that all the new songs on the album were great. Honestly, the only song I don't like that Hikaru's put out is the English version of Pulsation (and also the only one I don't own). I really feel like Hikaru's solo work deserves a bit more credit.


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Soo, just to sum up things for those who are interested:
1) The contract Hikaru had with the agency - Hifumi, ended. Whether it was Hikaru who chose not to extend it or Hifumi just didn't plan to do so remains unknown.
2) As such, the H-el-ical project is dissolved. Official twitter site is already gone.
3) Hikaru signed some sort of business partnership with a small studio - オクルトノボル, that produced a few anime series.
4) Hikaru also announced she is planning to work as a freelancer from now on, and is already asking for job inquiries

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First Kaori (I speculate), now Hikaru, Soon, Wakana, and possibly Keiko in the future. This is looking grim for our ladies. I suspect the management and lables were expected much more and it hasn't happened.