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Sailor Yuki
lol i completely ignored the second one.
apparently one of the composers builds their own instruments so possibly that's what he has. it looks like a stringed instrument though (he's holding a bow). interesting


Bowl of Yuki-shaped cereal

reminds me of "Kamado Tanjiro no Uta" lol
Why did the guys from Procyon studio drop it since OST 2?


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Spoilers for INTERGRADE.

Dank cheese but also awesome.
Phase1 of the fight is also pretty neat white Phase2 is the kind of classical cheese I don't care for lol.


Bowl of Yuki-shaped cereal
(No Kajiura unfortunately)

From the Tokyo Olympic Games Opening Ceremony background music (I DON'T want to watch it, but just read this)
  • Dragon Quest - "Introduction: Lotto Theme"
  • Final Fantasy - "Victory Fanfare"
  • Tales of Series - "Sley's Theme - Guru"
  • Monster Hunter - "Proof of Hero"
  • Kingdom Hearts - "Olympus Coliseum"
  • Chrono Trigger - "Frog Theme"
  • Ace Combat - "First Flight"
  • Tales of Series - "Royal Capital - Dignified"
  • Monster Hunter - "Wind of Departure"
  • Chrono Trigger - "Robo's Theme"
  • Sonic the Hedgehog "Star Light Zone"
  • Winning Eleven (Pro Evolution Soccer) "eFootball walk-on theme"
  • Final Fantasy - "Main Theme"
  • Phantasy Star Universe - "Guardians"
  • Kingdom Hearts - "Hero's Fanfare"
  • Gradius (Nemesis) - "01 ACT 1-1"
  • NieR - "Initiator" (Song of the Ancients)
  • Saga Series - "Makai Ginyu Poetry-Saga Series Medley 2016"
  • Soulcaliber - "The Brave New Stage of History"
Opening Sizzle with music by Audiomachine as every year (Olympics usually feature a lot of music from Epic Music Companies)

Shiro Sagisu got the honor to compose a new piece for the raising of the flag, lucky!

Official theme "Colorful"
previously released, sung by AI, Motohiro Hata, Little Glee Monster, Daichi Miura, Perfume, Taemin, MIYAVI, Nasty C, Sabrina Carpenter, Ayumu Imazu, Blue Vintage, Mizki, Sanari, and Chikuzen Sato.

"Imagine" cover sung by Angélique Kidjo, Alejandro Sanz, John Legend and Keith Urban was arranged by none other than Hans Zimmer !

Maybe there will be anime music for the Closing Ceremony? ^^

I'm not even talking about the scandalous hiring of 2 certain composers for the rest of the ceremony -if only it was the only scandal of #Tokyo2020...
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