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so, i got assignment from english class to write a story :ohoho:

but the story must not exceed 250 words, and the first paragraph is already written by the teacher, so i have to continue his story form the first paragraph. :ohoho:

so, this is my story : :ohoho:

The Black Knight

It was dark and stormy night, one that could change a person’s life forever. The thunder rattled the windows as danger lurked outside. How could a night so sweet turn so bitterly sour? Theresa tied to a chair. Fright swept over her as headlights shone through the front window, casing light on her young, pale face.

Suddenly her kidnapper, a vampire named Edward Cullen, rushed through the door running from the light outside.
As an Engine sound roars through window, she wonders if this was "that person".
The motorcycle accelerates toward the building and leaped through large window on the above wall.
The man stepped of his bike and shout at Edward.
"It's over Cullen, you were lucky I don't kill you yesterday".
Then the man posed a cool signature stance.
"Transform!”, the man shouted.
Bright light surrounds him summoning the form Theresa recognized.
The man now covered in Black-Dark Green armor and tight helmet with big red insectoid eyes. His belt holds his energy source, the Sun-Stone.
"Warrior of Love and Justice, Prince of Light!", He shouted.
Theresa watched with hope.
"Masked Rider Black-RX", he declares his identity.
Theresa knew about these Masked Riders. They are cyborg super-heroes that protect mankind from monstrous threat like Edward. As a civilian, they appear as ordinary man with motorcycle. This Masked Rider Black-RX especially, has spent some time in the city hunting down and genociding Vampires, Edward's kind.
"Cullen, I know we both want a fair fight. But we have limited duration for this episode, I will skip to the finishing move."
"What are you talking about?", Edward don’t understand.
Suddenly Masked Rider leaped making a high jump.
"Rider-Kick!!", he unleashed a drop kick with Mach 10 fast, rocketed toward Edward with energy from his Sun-Stone
Edward propelled Mach 10 into the wall... Then explode.
Theresa cheers. Then Masked Rider gave her a lift home.
my teacher is a "he" :tea:

and it is me who put Edward there :XD:

just to be bashed by Masked Rider Black RX :plot:

Special_K said:
Kalayurifiction!! Go! Go! Go! :w00t:
Yeah! I want to read some too... :sohappy:
I would write some myself, but my narative skills are lacking even in my native language :rain:
I demand Kalayurifiction!! :cheer: :plz:
^ Eh, there's no reason why you can't write any, as long as it remains in the borders of appropriate :XD: Just need an imagination...and besides, I'm always going to be biased towards Keiko x Wakana so we need some other variety :plot:

/is imagining some really ridiculous pairings :XD: :XD:
I just thought I would share my story, which I finished tonight. It is called Miashta Star, sequel to Alya Star, which is also on the home page of my website. You do not have to read it first, but I would suggest you do.

um i finished writing chapter 4 in my manga"im the chosen one?!" and making a storyboard and im making a mini manga love story that im workin myself i call it "the day i loved to the end" :shy:
Bawang Merah Bawang Putih (B.A.P vers.)
*This story is based on Bawang Merah Bawang Putih’s plot in the old Malaysian films/Indonesian sinetron and only a few of my own ideas. The characters are from a Korean group B.A.P~The quotes are not mine either~Enjoy reading! :XD: Oh,and you can find grammar mistakes here and there but still understandable anyways~ :p

In a small village, there live a successful man in a polygyny marriage, two wives, each wife gave birth to a son. The oldest son, Yongguk, nicknamed Bawang Merah while the younger one is Daehyun, who is often referred to as Bawang Putih. Both men are handsome but they had opposite characters and personality. Daehyun is a kind boy, hardworking and an honest person. His innocent personality makes others wanted to protect him. Everyone in the village loves him. You will feel calm whenever you looks at him, his presence soothes everybody’s heart in the village, just like a garlic, a powerful medicine. Yongguk, on the other hand, is a rude person, spoilt, lazy, a proud man and he likes to bully people in the village. Thus, earning him the name Bawang Merah, because he is just like an onion, pungent smelling and bringing tears to most people. Bawang Merah is jealous of Bawang Putih due to the attention people gave him.

On one evening when they were both 7, their father and Daehyun’s mother involved in an accident where both of them eventually died. Soon after, Yongguk’s mother, who goes by the name of Himchan, took charge over the household and puts Daehyun’s life in agony and suffering. Daehyun has been tortured and abused everyday by his step mother and step brother. Himchan will asked him to do all the chores, cooking, laundry, cleaning, while Yongguk will beat him whenever a work is not done on time. Daehyun though, never complain the bad fate he has to face. He believes that if he obey the requests made by Himchan and Yongguk, they will not bother him anymore, they will be happy. And if his half brother and step mother are happy, then he’ll be happy too.

It has been 12 years… Daehyun has already got used to the ‘punishments’ his step family has given him. Yet, he is still patient so God blesses him. During his 19th birthday, a male fairy appears in front of Daehyun, who introduced itself as Jongup. The fairy told Bawang Putih that from that point onwards, he will be guarding Daehyun and will help Daehyun in fighting the obstacles in his life. With the help of Jongup and his magical powers, Daehyun manage to finish all works on time, thus, escaping from being his brother’s bullied victim. Later, he also found out that nobody except him can see Jongup. This revelation brings him joy and even though he’s been given a special gift from God, he is never arrogant and proud because of it.

19 days after his 19th birthday, Jongup ask Daehyun to go to a sacred pond at the end of the village, saying that ‘a very special present awaiting for you there’. So Bawang Putih went to the pond, containing a big white fish. The fish then spoke, shocking Daehyun, and it is revealed to be his deceased mother, who has her soul trapped in a fish because she desires to comfort Daehyun. The innocent male is overjoyed by this fact and he will visit the pond every evening. However, one day, Yongguk is curious of to where his half-brother has gone to every evening, thus, decided to follow Daehyun. He eventually finds out about the pond and the fish so, being a cruel guy he is, he sees this as an opportunity to further make Daehyun suffers.

After Daehyun leaves the pond, Yongguk quickly catches the fish and bring it back home. When he arrived, he told his mother the unbelievable scene he witnessed, of the fish talking to Bawang Putih and the fish itself being Bawang Putih’s mother. Soon, Himchan immediately chopped up the fish, killing it, cooked it and feed it to Daehyun. Being an oblivious person he is, Daehyun is more than happy to receive ‘kindness’ from his always-cruel-step-family. However, once he finished eating the whole fish, Yongguk and Himchan laugh aloud, telling him that the fish he just ate is the white fish of the sacred pond. Sorrows overcome Daehyun instantly over this revelation. Jongup, the fairy, felt guilty about that incident. He has always been beside Daehyun, a protector of Daehyun, so he was unaware of what Himchan and Yongguk might be plotting. Daehyun, however, said that it was not Jongup’s fault and he has to move on. To calm Daehyun’s heart, Jongup advice him to bury the fish bones under a giant tree not far from his house instead of simply throwing them away. Daehyun, sadly, obeyed Jongup.

The next day, when Daehyun was on his way to buy groceries, he passed by the tree where he buried his mother’s fish bones and another surprising thing occurred. A beautiful swing appeared from the tree’s branches. He went up to the swing and started singing a lullaby. Immediately, he was surrounded by birds, rabbits and other animals and the swing moves magically on its own. Daehyun was once again overjoyed. While he is singing on the magic swing, a Royal family overheard his wonderful singing and a princess named Youngjae, who has joined to be on a journey with her father, King Zelo, claimed that she has fallen in love with the voice. Upon Princess Youngjae’s request, King Zelo searched for the source of the song and ends up reaching the swing. However, once Daehyun realized that he was not alone, he quickly ran back home.

King Zelo and his followers searched every house near the area until they finally arrived in front of Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih’s house. In every house they have gone to, everybody would claim they were the one who owned that angelic voice but it turns out that they just can’t miss the opportunity of getting married to a Royal. Foolish people! Greedy people! King Zelo has starting to lose his patience already so he wished that this house will be the right one.

When he knocked on the door, he was greeted by Himchan, who was of course, shocked but delighted that the Royal Family has come to visit her home. King Zelo repeated the question he has asked to the previous 7 houses, about the swing and a man who sang on it, and about how his daughter has fallen in love with the voice. Himchan, just like others, seeing the opportunity, ordered her son to follow the King to the swing while Daehyun was ordered to stay hidden in the house. When they arrived at the swing, King Zelo and Princess Youngjae requested for Yongguk to sing. Yongguk, who was oblivious to the situation, nudged his mother’s elbow while whispering “I can’t sing” to her. Himchan, being the stubborn woman she is, forced Yongguk to sit on the swing and sing. Yongguk reluctantly follows his mother’s orders, attempting to sing to make the swing moves but he couldn’t. This has finally angered the King as they have searched for days but the outcome was still the same. He had ordered his followers to punish Bawang Merah and his mother but after Himchan confessed that she has another son who can sing, the punishment is off.

King Zelo went back to the house to fetch the ‘hidden’ son and brought him to the swing. Princess Youngjae was more than happy when her father brought Daehyun to the scene, not only she falls in love with his voice the first time she heard him, she has also falls in a love first sight with Daehyun. As expected, once he starts singing, the swing moves back and forth magically and everyone was impressed. King Zelo then asked Bawang Putih to marry his daughter and Daehyun approved of the decision. Daehyun though, asked one thing from the King, that is, to bring Bawang Merah and his mother to live with them in the castle too. King Zelo agreed. The wedding of Daehyun the Bawang Putih and Princess Youngjae took place immediately.

However, this does not means Yongguk and Himchan’s hatred toward Daehyun disappeared. They both continue to try humiliating and torturing Daehyun in the palace but always unsuccessful because of Jongup. Jongup, well-aware of Bawang Merah and his mother’s intentions, has always tried to keep an eye on them before they did some damage to his beloved Daehyun. However, an incident occurred again, because Jongup was being careless.

Yongguk knew very well that Daehyun has always brings everywhere: a cloth previously owned by Daehyun’s mother. It was like a momentum. One night when everybody was sleeping, he sneaks up on Daehyun’s bedroom and tried to steal the cloth. Jongup was checking up on Himchan by that time so he was not aware that Yongguk has gone to commit a crime. However, the moment Yongguk found the cloth, Daehyun was awake. Yongguk ran away, bringing the cloth with him and Daehyun ran after him. Yongguk then threw away the cloth to the river, leaving Daehyun who witnessed the scene, sobbing.
When Jongup arrived at the scene, he once again apologized for his carelessness. The only way he can make up to his beloved Daehyun is to help him search for the cloth. They search through the rivers with Jongup’s magical powers and found out that the cloth has now gone at the hands of an old woman living in the cave across the river.

When Daehyun and Jongup asked for the permission to take the cloth back, the old woman requested Daehyun to help the woman with her ‘houseworks’ first before she can give back the cloth. Daehyun happily obeyed her. After all works were finished, the old woman handed the cloth back to Daehyun and awarded him with a simple gift. There were two pumpkins on both of her hands, one big one small and he can choose either 1. Bawang Putih wasn’t greedy, so he chooses the small one. He then bid farewell to the old woman.

It was already 3 in the morning when he got back to the palace. Both Yongguk and Himchan greeted him, ready to laugh at him but surprised when they looked at the cloth on Daehyun’s hand. Daehyun was not mad at them; instead, he told them the story of how he met the old woman. Later, Himchan reached out to the pumpkin Daehyun was holding in his other hand and smashed it to the ground. Unexpectedly, there were gold and diamond ornaments in the pumpkin! Since Himchan was greedy, she yelled at Daehyun for not taking the larger pumpkin. She quickly asked Yongguk to throw one of her clothes to the river. Following the steps told by Daehyun, Yongguk finally reached the cave. Although unlike Daehyun, Yongguk refused to do the chores the old woman requested. Instead, he threatened her to give the large pumpkin to him. When his wish was fulfilled, he happily went straight back home. Once he arrived back at the palace, he gave the pumpkin to his mother, who is so eager to know how much wealth is inside the pumpkin. When she finally smashed the big pumpkin to the ground, both of them were very terrified. Inside the pumpkin appeared lots of poisonous snakes, not gold or diamond. The snakes causes ruckus in the palace and became a subject for the King’s anger, once again. The King now asked them to be banished from the country.

After this tragedy, Himchan and Yongguk realized that God might have punished them this way because of what they have done to Daehyun all those times. They asked Daehyun for forgiveness and of course, Daehyun forgives them. Daehyun also beg King Zelo to let them stay in the palace and forgive them. King Zelo, couldn’t refuse his son-in-law’s request, let Yongguk and Himchan stay in the palace. Soon, all of them became the best family and they live happily ever after~~~

“Humanity is never so beautiful as when praying for forgiveness, or else forgiving another.”

“Patience is moral elasticity, an invulnerable armor is patience, Patience is the analogue of God's serenity”

From left to right:Youngjae,Himchan,Zelo,Daehyun,Yongguk,Jongup~

[EDIT]@Liana_Ilia You're an awesome writer! :dote:
Does anyone has an account in wattpad.

It seems interesting to write there. you can sets covers and chapters does look nicer than in the word document

Somehow I like more wattpad presentation. Ficctionpress looks more like internet1.0 times.

Wattpad also has forums. :sparkleguy: