CPM Writters club

I wrote 3-4 stories in my language too... and one in english ... ned to continue too, but later.
I think I have posted once here... :confu:
I write as well. I have started 2 stories and have completed one inside my head. Unfortunately, my laziness doesn't let me write them down. >_<
Does this include comics? I have two of those, but I also have a light novel thing I'm working on as well.
Any type of writing is fine, I'd think. : D

I'm working on organizing my stuff on a blogging site. It's pretty clean and convenient (though there really isn't much on it yet orz).

Also, beginning work on a CPM on-crack fiction. Will update here. Throw ideas at me, character profiles (i.e. for yourself), or if you don't want to be included, that's fine too. Plots, settings, random things you want included, who you want to be paired with, who you want as your arch nemesis, etc. etc.

Or else I will decide things on my own and give you all awful, awful fates. :ohoho:

[Edit] Ideas that were thrown around in a Skype convo the other night. I'll summarize what I remember here. Add/delete/alter, yes? : D

- Group travel to Japan to meet/stalk YK and her utahime.
- Shin and/or Kowz summons Godzilla to attack.
- One or some of us infiltrate the Godzilla(?) to save humanity from rampaging doom.

- Rei is a builder of things, and flies around with a jetpack.
- Kowz is rich.
- Shin is a dark magician/Kowz' parrot.
- Kiyoko is a shinigami.
- Yams is a child, mad scientist with a Saya doll.
- I'm a NINJA~.
Very nice chapter, i will be waiting for the next one :dote:
If you can, plz add me in there as the evil mafia villain that fights with dual sword techniques and plots diabolic schemes against the heroes :ohoho: