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chat room logs

  • Black Sword▸:/
  • Black Sword▸Some of my video games are missing
  • Black Sword▸They've probably been missing since I did my cross-country trip, but I don't know which ones are missing :/
  • Kugayama▸someone has "borrowed" them from your room?
  • Black Sword▸The mystery is who? No one but I plays video games
  • Black Sword▸My suspicion is that my folks misplaced them, since they moved everything around in an effort to re-do my room
  • Kugayama▸ah...
  • Black Sword▸Which of course means I'm annoyed, since I don't know what's missing
  • Black Sword▸If it weren't for Foxy challenging my video game creds, I might not have noticed for a while, but now that I have...
  • Fainted Fox▸Thanks :D:D:D
  • Fainted Fox▸I had something like that happen, too, once upon a time
  • Black Sword▸yeah, thanks
  • Fainted Fox▸You're welcome
  • Black Sword▸now I gotta find 'em, somehow
  • Kugayama▸why am I thinking of the English Pokemon theme song applied to video games?
  • Black Sword
  • Black Sword▸I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was
  • Black Sword▸to play them is my real test, to find them is my cauuuuuse
  • Black Sword▸I'll travel throughout the house, searching far and wide
  • Black Sword▸eacha those games of mine
  • Black Sword▸and that's where the flow requires more effort to make it work
  • 9999 joined the room.
  • Black Sword▸merry christmas, sat
  • 9999▸DC'd
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  • kajiuran2784
  • •kajiuran2784 has changed their nickname to 9999.
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  • Kugayama glues 9999 to chat
  • sat▸kyuu chuaan
  • sat▸i gotta run now
  • sat▸bye
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  • Kugayama▸bfn satriyo
  • •sat left the room.
  • 9999▸lol
  • kajiuran8474 has changed their nickname to Black Sword.
  • Black Sword
  • 9999▸DC Blues
  • 9999▸Artist: Kyuu-chan feat. Blacky
  • •kajiuran5262 has changed their nickname to jr.
  • Fox▸lol do eeetttt!!!
  • 9999▸Production Supervisor: Kuga
  • 9999▸lol
  • jr▸forgot to change nick after dc
  • 9999▸We already have

  • 9999▸I didn't save that convo oTL
  • Kugayama▸do you want me to?
  • 9999 hands Blacky a mic
  • 9999▸But Blacky will give a live performance
  • 9999▸Sure Kuga
  • Black Sword▸Wait, me?
  • Black Sword▸I don't even remember the lyrics, yo
  • 9999▸Neither do I
  • Black Sword▸gah
  • 9999▸Now's your chance for a remix
  • 9999 fingers are ice cold T-T
  • Kugayama passes 9999 gloves and a mug of hot chocolate
  • Black Sword▸Alright, alright, new song, the Real DC Blues
  • Black Sword▸Too late to let you know, what you mean to me~
  • 9999▸(Thanks Kuga)
  • 9999What you meaaaan to meeeeee~
  • Black Sword▸If I cried I'd only make you believe I was happy
  • Kugayama▸the Real DC Blues
  • Black Sword▸I've got to let you go, and my heart, it aches
  • 9999Oooh~
  • Black Sword▸And it's not worth it, 'cause I swear to god, you're the best web
  • 9999We go the DC blueeeees~
  • Black Sword▸Don't wanna cry 'Cause, baby, I Can feel boredom when you break
  • Black Sword▸We got those DC blueeeeeeeees~ :Tdt:
  • 9999Blueeeeeeees~
  • Black Sword▸good enough?
  • Fox▸Nice
  • Fox▸Thanks
  • 9999▸Yes
  • Black Sword▸I hope you appreciate this, I just improv'd it on the spot
  • 9999▸You should do this more often
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9999 can't stand peas but is being forced to take them out of their pods for lunch
9999 wonders if this is what infiltrating the enemy ranks but having to prove your loyalty first by doing their dirty work feels like

Kugayama▸hehe, I don't like peas either
Kugayama▸people used to eat them a lot more here than they do now (usually canned which were bad)
Kugayama▸I don't miss them at all

9999▸Kuga is my ally

Kugayama▸peas in a pod (-:


I have reached Yuki nirvana
  • kajiuran3109 has changed their nickname to tsubasa.
  • onionparty▸Subject: The Kajiuran Room
  • kajiuran7310▸i wonder who keeps doing that
  • •kajiuran7310 left the room.
  • onionparty▸Subject: The Kajiuran Rooms - featuring - Suhade ~ No Make
  • tsubasa
  • Kugayama▸oops
  • •Kugayama has changed their nickname to The Kajiuran Rooms - featuring - Suhada ~No-Make~ 「素肌~ノーメイク~」.
  • •The Kajiuran Rooms - featuring - Suhada ~No-Make~ 「素肌~ノーメイク~」 has changed their nickname to Kugayama.
  • Kugayama▸too tired
  • onionparty▸Subject: The Kajiuran Rooms - featuring - Suhada ~No-Make~ 「素肌~ノーメイク~」
  • onionparty▸Subject: Fuji TV and ○I○I TOKYO TASTE present the Kajiuran Rooms - featuring - Suhada ~No-Make~ 「素肌~ノーメイク~」
  • kajiuran6457▸...wow....
  • tsubasa▸lololol
  • kajiuran6457▸That chat topic keeps getting longer and longer....
  • kajiuran6457▸Pretty soon ot's gonna be impossible to say
  • •kajiuran6457 has changed their nickname to Eye of Aragorn Fox.
  • onionparty▸Subject: short topic
  • Eye of Arago...▸Thank you
  • onionparty▸Subject: pr0n.canta-per-me.net/Fox
  • Kugayama▸just having fun with the fact that Suhada ~No-Make~ 「素肌~ノーメイク~」was a song used in a television show called "Rooms"
  • Eye of Arago...▸Wait....what?
  • Kugayama▸hehehe
  • Eye of Arago...▸Oh
  • •kajiuran1538 joined the room.
  • Eye of Arago...▸So it was you!
  • onionparty▸Subject: chat needs help
  • tsubasa
  • Eye of Arago...▸And here I was thinking we had a vagrant AI, like in .hack!
  • onionparty▸Subject: .hack//CPMe
  • Eye of Arago...▸Exactly
  • Kugayama▸and to show how experienced you are with crazy Japanese naming conventions, “○I○I” is read as “Marui”, a department store chain
  • Eye of Arago...▸Oh
  • Eye of Arago...▸That makes sense
  • •Eye of Aragorn Fox has changed their nickname to Fox.
  • onionparty▸Subject: Please Follow the 10 Commandments of CPMe: https://forum.canta-per-me.net/threads/the-10-commandments-of-cpme.2791/
  • tsubasa
  • Kugayama▸le Shin was a strange one
  • tsubasa▸not really
  • tsubasa▸I will start stalking YK releases for the discography updates after this semester ends
  • Black Sword▸tsubasa no stalker
  • Kugayama▸Japanese television never fails to out do its craziness
  • Black Sword checks outside his window to make sure tsubasa no stalker isn't there
  • tsubasa
  • tsubasa▸oi
  • Fox▸lol
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  • tsubasa▸I think you should check the closet or under you bed
  • tsubasa▸not in the window
  • Black Sword
  • Black Sword
  • tsubasa
  • Black Sword grabs machete and checks inside closet
  • Black Sword▸....no one in there
  • Black Sword checks under bed
  • Black Sword▸....no one down there
  • Fox▸I certainly hear strange noises outside...
  • 2 minutes ago


I have reached Yuki nirvana
17:05:28 ‹aki› bulma-sensei
17:05:34 ‹aki› I have a cat sleeping on my feet
17:05:37 ‹aki› :3
17:05:49 ‹Kugayama› just patched up the alcira no hoshi entry to include composer/lyricist/arranger credit and correctly show whose vocals appear on what tracks
17:05:50 ‹Fox› Nice
17:05:57 ‹Fox› omg you called me sensei

17:06:01 ‹Kugayama› keeping your toes warm aki?
17:06:03 ‹Fox› No one ever calls me sensei

17:09:22 ‹aki› bulma-sensei must teach your cat lady ways

17:18:51 ‹Fox› 17:09:22 ‹aki› bulma-sensei must teach your cat lady ways >> lol I didn't even catch this!
17:18:53 ‹aki› I don't even know what there is to make
17:19:01 ‹Fox› Alright, if you insist

17:19:02 ‹aki› :)))))
17:19:12 ‹Fox› First, you exist
17:19:16 ‹Fox› Then...cats appear
17:19:16 * Kugayama quit (timeout)
17:19:50 ‹Fox› No but really just be a nice person and be careful to not scare cats
17:19:51 ‹Fox›

17:19:56 ‹aki› PERF
17:19:59 ‹aki› so simple
17:20:09 ‹Fox› Thank you thank you
17:20:16 ‹aki› *applause*
17:20:44 * Kugayama quit (timeout)
17:20:55 ‹Fox› As for having nothing to make, I have been a really lazy eater before
17:21:11 ‹Fox› Maybe you could eat jam out of a bowl or something, like I did one time
17:22:52 * Kugayama quit (timeout)
17:25:04 ‹Fox› Or a can of tuna, or something
17:26:17 ‹aki› bulma-sensei eats like cats too
17:26:19 * Kugayama quit (timeout)
17:26:48 ‹Fox› Yep :nophoto:
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  • Kugayama▸hi mellii-chan
  • Kugayama▸Yuki Kajiura: p(´∇`)q
  • Kugayama▸and: ( ( (((_⊿_)(((  ̄O ̄) (((o_△_)o ヒャッホイ!
  • melliichan▸hi
  • melliichan▸got myself the first harry potter book in japanese
  • Kugayama▸wow (-:
  • Kugayama▸that's like getting Shakespeare in the original Klingon
  • melliichan
  • melliichan▸it will be hard to understand though i think but i will try my best
  • Kugayama▸I suppose it would be translated for young adult or younger Japanese
  • melliichan▸yeah most likely
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  • about 4 hours ago
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  • •Kugayama:sleep: has changed their nickname to Kugayama.
  • Kugayama▸hi
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  • kajiuran5157
  • kajiuran5157▸I guess that was kyuu-chan
  • kajiuran5157▸uh oh
  • Kugayama▸hi Black Sword
  • •kajiuran5157 has changed their nickname to Work Sword.
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  • Black Sword▸oh, there we go
  • Kugayama▸Black Work?
  • Kugayama▸Sword Work? (-:
  • Kugayama▸or the imposter, Black Forge Sword? (-:
  • Kugayama▸or if a real sword is forged, are all swords forgeries?
  • Black Sword
  • Black Sword
  • Black Sword▸That needs to go in the chat archive thread
  • Kugayama▸ok... (-: