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Chat About Final Fantasy ^^

Awesome thread!

My fav FF has always been FFVIII since it was the first FF i played.. but after playing most of them.. FFIV has become my fav! The story, unforgettable characters, era, soundtrack, classes/jobs.. etc!

Also I think I need to mention this.. I've been Playing FFXIV for about 2-3 years now.. yes I'm addicted and love it to pieces :faint:
So who attended Distant Worlds :rain:? I saw a few vids from my friends and my god was it breathtaking :comeback: Wish I knew about it earlier to plan and attend but oh well :spotlight:

『 EARTHBOUND PAPAS + yorlga band <弘田祭りSP> Joint LIVE 』@吉祥寺 RockJoint GB
2018/5/16 22:56

◆『 EARTHBOUND PAPAS + yorlga band <弘田祭りSP> Joint LIVE 』@吉祥寺 RockJoint GB
日時:8/25(土) 開場 16:30 / 開演 17:30
会場:吉祥寺 RockJoint GB https://www.rjgb.tokyo/
EARTHBOUND PAPAS http://www.dogearrecords.com/Earthbound_Papas/
植松伸夫(Keys./Organ) / 岡宮道生(Guitar) / 弘田佳孝(Bass) / 成田勤(Guitar/Keys) / 藤岡千尋(Drums) / 河野暁子(Vocal)
yorlga band http://www.tts-products.co.jp/yorlga/work.html
みとせのりこ(Vocal) / 弘田佳孝(Bass) / 佐藤真也(Keys) / Dani(Guitar) / 諏訪昌孝(Drums)
予約:4200円(ドリンク別) ※整理番号順入場(植松伸夫FC先行⇒一般の順)
当日:4700円(ドリンク別) ※整理番号順入場(予約⇒当日の順)
・ご予約方法(植松伸夫FC先行): FC http://www.dogearrecords.com/fanclub.html
 ※ご入会希望 http://www.uematsufc.com/kiyaku.html
・ご予約方法(一般): LivePcket [ 受付ページ後日更新 ]
 一般ご予約受付開始日:6/6(水) 23:00~
※入場順は「植松伸夫FC先行予約 1番~ → 一般予約 1番~ → 当日券」となります。

2018/9/20 09:00







To My Dearest Fans,

Since the establishment of Dog Ear Records, I have found myself blessed with countless opportunities. From composing new works to holding concerts around the world, my days have been hectic, yet fulfilling. The resulting fatigue, however, has finally caught up with me,and I find it mentally and physically difficult to go on at my current pace. After giving serious consideration to all options, I have decided to take an extended leave of absence and give my mind and body the time they need to properly mend. If I am to return, I want to do so in full health. Do not worry. Once I’ve made a full recovery, I’ll be back doing what I do best.

My current plan is to rest for the remainder of the year, and while I cannot commit to a method or time frame for my return, I’m very hopeful.

I deeply apologize for the burden this decision places upon both my fans and my clients, and hope that you can understand and support the path I have chosen.

I thank you all for your continued support and only ask that you are patient until I’m on my feet once again!
Nobuo Uematsu
Dog Ear Records Co., Ltd.