Best places to buy Yuki's music


plz donate protips here :XD: I havent actually bought any of Yuki's CDs from online store before. All my CDs i bought at anime cons and ebay :XD:

So, what places are the cheapest for imports? domestic?
What places has fastest or cheapest shipping?
What places to avoid?
When i got Destination from ebay, they had a photo of the thing, and it looked real, and it was only $11 O_O i was really skeptical but i bought it :XD:

turns out i was really lucky, it was real, but a pre-release preview edition that JVC sent to stores for sampling, and not supposed to be resold >_>
o.O really?!?

where do you live and when are you not at home? :glasses: :knife: :bwahaha:
Ahhhh I am very far from my CDs :( I'm at school which is 4 hours away from home, and my CDs are too precious to take to school, i'm scared they'll get damaged or lost D:

but why come after me? SUPER COOL SECRET: Zuiyon has a signed Fiction
his cousin is from cologne, isnt he? <.<"""

i'm between cologne and france :twisted:
wahahahaaaa :twisted:

I'm between cologne and france too!!
(if you go the other way around the earth >_> :cry: )

okay, describe the object <.<"

is it the japanese or german release?
where is yuki's signature? on the booklet? case? cd?

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
on teh booklet, HEYY i'll never giv it yo yaa :plot:
I haven't got it yet xD
:sweat: awwwwwww you're placed between France and Cologne ? with tanks ?! o___o
my CD !!! :omgwtf:
but but kerahna is on the other way around the earth lol :plot

hey kerahna, you've got a super collector edition of Fitcion xD
no one has it ! :XD:
Zuiyon said:
:sweat: awwwwwww you're placed between France and Cologne ? with tanks ?! o___o
for yuki? of course 8)
but... theres a second possibility... :glasses:
(i prefer the first XD)

japanese or german Fiction? <_<"""
the best one... i'll marry Yuki :love: :love: :love:
she would sign all my CDs and you would be jealous!!! XD