Animelo Summer Live 2014 -ONENESS-

I watched the "making of" for day 2, and Kalafina gets decent coverage, including getting their picture taken with fellow Spacecraft Entertainment artist Sumire Uesaka as Hōzuki no Reitetsu character Peach Maki.

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This was a really wonderful performance omg ;A;
I remember the first time I fell in love with Kalafina when I rediscovered, listened, and finally appreciated to the beginning *0*
君の銀の庭 is a song I've loved from the first listen, so I always enjoy watching it being performed live.
I had a hard time having heavenly blue grow on me, but now that it has, and with this performance, it just sounded so nice~

Package arrived but too lazy to take photos ...
Those with space to spare

Those who ordered the blu-ray of the 8.30 Animelo Summer Live 2015, there was an error in the printing of the booklet and there are instructions on getting a replacement booklet here:

I asked CD Japan if they could send me a replacement booklet and they have requested and received a copy for me, which they will send to me.
Somehow I don't really care. Which is surprising but eh.
I think I need to buy a bigger TV to see them real close-up.
Their performance of HB in the middle of that -ONENESS- stage was full of awesomeness!
to the beginning was pretty good, too ..Now, I'm gonna wait for the making of Day2 <3
Having obtained the application slips for the early ticket lottery for Animelo Summer Live 2015 in the first release issue of the Animelo Summer Live 2014 blu-rays, I passed the details on to my travel agent and their representatives in Japan have entered me in the ticket lottery.
I really like the drummer. Or should I say I really like the whole Anisama Band. The guitarist is also good (he doesn't butcher 'heavenly blue' guitar melody) and the strings trio is great. The drummer rocks 'to the beginning' and 'heavenly blue' and this is the best 'to the beginning' live I've listened so far. Even he managed to make 'heavenly blue' sounds much more enjoyable than the original. Plus the girls were really into the songs they sing. The Anisama band is on par with the old Kalafina supporting band in term of evoking energy to the songs they play, a thing that I almost never get from FBM nowadays.
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That was really great. Everything was just on point for me.The outfits worked with the songs without looking ridiculous, there was a lot of movement across the stage but no bizarre choreography, and most importantly, their voices sounded great. Wakana was especially impressive as her singing had much more strength behind it than any other of their recent lives. Again, great performance.