Ali project

Love the album.

My only complaint, which is not that unusual for their tracks, is that sometimes an intro to a song feels like a different track that I'd really like to hear in full.

Case in point
I love this whole song but I'd also like to hear the intro track. :|
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◆ 『天気晴朗ナレドモ波高シ』初回限定盤(TKCU-78120)/定価:\5,800(税込)
◆ 『天気晴朗ナレドモ波高シ』通常盤(TKCU-78125)/定価:\3,100(税込)

Limited Edition
CD(10tracks)+DVD(2022年02月05日 豊洲PIT LIVE「30th ANNIVERSARY TOUR 2022 BelleÉpoque」より)
Regular Edition
CD(11tracks including bonus track「GOD DIVA ~ 2022A級Live version」)

Other confirmed track titles:

Don't know if this "GOD DIVA" bonus track is an actual live recording or a studio recording of a live arrange. I hope for the latter.

Interesting they are advertising this as the second 30th anniversary album after 2021's Belle Epoque. Looking forward to this new album as usual. Belle Epoque was great.

Aside from the album, there's also this song 「誰ソ彼パピヨン回廊」 that's getting released on Dec 14 but it's not something that particularly excites me.
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Sounds great. Like only track#8 sounds meh, by which I mean it's one of those tracks that's on every album that they maybe should've held back 'til another strings or orchestral arrange album.
Dafuq at NON HUMAN. Love it.

GOD DIVA sounds like a live recording. Eh. :/ I usually prioritize studio recording bonus tracks when choosing between Regular and Limited editions (I probably got two albums in both versions) so maybe I'll get the DVD version this time. Wish I could order it immediately but it's going to have to wait til PARADE or a lil after.
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My copy won't arrive before PARADE but

-hurr deleted-

I really wouldn't mind a full ALI PROJECT album in this NON-HUMAN direction.
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Back to exploring my shit taste. Finally got the latest album with my PARADE order.

I kinda wish I knew Japanese (and had more cultural knowledge) so I could tell if the last two songs on this album are in any way significant... Particularly the title track that ends the album... It's... so weird... Well, I guess there's also the instrumental closer which is actually quite atmospheric when the synth strings aren't in the forefront...

Other than that, I think I prefer Belle Epoque since it feels more free and lighthearted but I still quite like the first 7 songs on this one. I can definitely see myself returning to the opener 絶途、新世界ヘ as well as NON-HUMAN and STILL ALIVE. I probably wouldn't skip the others either (the intro to #03 is sick, shame the song wasn't actually in that mood). I was actually ready to write off the 7th track as a meh lullaby when it started but it pulled me back in as it went on, only for the album to then lose me again on the last two songs like I mentioned at the start, lol.

Wish I could link some songs but their official uploads tend to be one album behind on digital and I think TKMA took down channels that uploaded this album, lul. Sampler link is above.

Edit: Oh yea, forgot to say the intro to the first track is pretty much a Kajiura SFX track from Fate/Zero, lol. Like if one somehow took elements of evacuation and nervous.
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