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I've not listened to "Fantasia", their newest album, yet but last year's "Geijutsu Hentairon" is bloody fantastic for this ALIPRO fan.
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Hijacked from the listening thread.
Man, I only really like their pre-Rozen Maiden stuff, but that song is 10/10. Is the rest of the album as delicious?
I guess there are some Rozen Maiden style tracks on each album and I'd totally recommend this album (I mean, it's on youtube with translations so why not give it a go in some spare time. v( '')v)
if that's a specific earsore for you maybe try A-kyuu Kaigenrei from 2016 instead? It's really really good and on that channel (without translations).

Sidebar: I tried listening to Fantasia but I honestly hate the processing on Arika's voice there. Don't know what happened on that front.
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It's hard to really know what you might think of them as a whole, lol.
I mean, Kiwamareri was definitely one of the different tracks compared to the mainstay violins and Katakura's keyboards.

「JAM Projectが20周年記念オリジナルアルバム&Complete BOXをリリース。「龍驤-Ryujou」を手がけたALI PROJECTと対談が実現! JAM Projectの魅力を語る【インタビュー後編】」 超!アニメディア - #jamproject #ALIPROJECT
Personally I'm waiting for the other track on the single, which should be more ALI PROJECT featuring Demon Kakka, instead of Demon Kakka featuring Arika.

Also, they have a new album coming late July, though from what I'm reading only 5 tracks should be new...


Well, ALIPRO indeed, lol. It's okay at best. The first part of everyone's verse are the best parts.
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Live stream on 23rd January 2021 but one would need to be able to make an eplus payment through a friend in Japan:
ALI PROJECT 2021 〜新春A級ヒットパレード 1/23豊洲PITライブ配信情報です。 ◆視聴券 ¥3,500 ◆チケット販売期間 : 1月16日10:00〜1月29日21:00 ◆お申込: Streaming+にて生配信いたします。 (期間限定でアーカイブ配信) #ALIPROJECT #アリプロ #新春A級ヒットパレード
Also new album on Dec 22. Belle Epoque.

main album 10 new tracks
+Live DVD on Limited Edition
+1 bonus track on Regular Edition. Another new recording (I presume) of one of their old tracks, Mori no Saiten. Like, old old - from Ari project times I believe.

ALI PROJECT Major Debut 30th Anniversary Album 「Belle Époque」

「Belle Époque」

初回限定盤TKCU-78114 定価:¥5,800(税抜¥5.273)
[CD] 全新10曲収録予定
[DVD] 19曲収録予定
<2020年9月21日 Zepp Haneda LIVE「人生美味礼讃〜生きることを貪れ」より>
通常盤TKCU-78115 定価:¥3,100(税抜¥2.818)
[CD] 初回限定盤同内容10曲+ボーナストラック新録「森の祭典」の全11曲 <- original news post <- photoshoot promo
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Well they sure snapped on this album.

The variety. The lightness of some of the tracks. Dang.

Shame I have to/want to wait with another order until Banitas OST. Did they really have to schedule it right before christmas? lol

Can't wait to listen to the whole thing.