@aki Can you please specify a time where i can find you to chat on chatroom, because i would like to ask if you can make a new CPM site header (digital or not) for our new theme. Kerahna says she has no inspiration, the thread i had made about it has no replies at all, and im not good enough with drawing/software to make a good one.


PS: Its almost the only thing missing to launch the new theme.

:plz: :bow: :plz: :bow: :plz: :bow: :plz: :bow: :plz: :bow: :plz: :bow: :plz: :bow: :plz: :bow:
That's fine, i can wait :D

problem is that i dont know if i will be awake that time (we have big time difference lol)
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Pasting here too, in case we wont be able to chat:

there is a YK photo i have found that's cool
http://oi68.tinypic.com/10sc6sl.jpg (you can use other or create your own Yuki)
font of header text is echelon regular
and you can used this site to find the current header colours if you need them http://html-color-codes.info/colors-from-image/


the content stops getting wider after 1250px, 760px and less is considered 'mobile'
keep the main stuff around 760
height can be whatever they want within reason
Really like your artwork, especially the Butterfly Hikaru with Moonfesta Dress. The "Moonfesta" video is truly captivating, isn't it?
I loved how the Girls looked, especially Wakana. So much that I drew her ^^


Anyway, keep drawing, I'm waiting to see more, you've got a new fan here!
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