I have reached Yuki nirvana
I don't really come to this part of the forum very often, but when I do, I see just how many talented people are on cpm :shy:
Hopefully now I'll be here more often~ :sohappy:
So, I finally uploaded two of my most recent drawings to deviantart and share them here ><;


This was the painting I did for Hikaru's birthday this year
thank you nyan for giving it to her :chuu:


And this I drew because I just really wanted to drawn that picture of Hikaru (from moonfesta LE)

Give me criticism, minna :plot:
that's all for now...lol sorry for them both being Hikaru :ohoho: :XD:
^Wow, that is really good! I like the first one a lot. The second one is pretty good too, it's simple and I like that about it. I will check out your deviantart, since I am on there as well. :dote: (What is your username there?)

They're so beautiful! I request more, pleassee~ :love: Of the other girls too? :plz:
I just realised I have so many projects to be working on right now: i'm doing a painting at school, another at home, I need to start a drawing for my sister's birthday, and then also start Wakana's and Keiko's too. :@_@:
I've got some major work to do to finish it all in time :desksweat:

anyone have any suggestions for Keiko's and Wakana's pictures? :ayashii: I was thinking of having Wakana swimming with sharks /iswhacked :ohoho:
anyone have a photo of keiko dancing or running around? :ohoho: I have like no time to search uhg
I'm seriously thinking about doing the keikoxwakana spin and making it a joint present :ohoho:

EDIT: does someone know how to extract the individual frames? I tried making screenshots, but they're too blurry...and flip wouldn't open the video...and even when I attempted to use some sort of command in vlc it didn't work :rain:
aki said:
I don't really come to this part of the forum very often, but when I do, I see just how many talented people are on cpm :shy:

Be glad, you now belong to that group :ohoho:

This looks beautiful :nosebleed: Only thing wrong I see is that the wings aren't alligned with her torso, both horizontally and in profundity. It's like only the left wing is attached to her and it's a bit crooked ^_^; XD

This looks good, too; but her face looks odd somehow. Maybe you should have drawn her nose and mouth more delicate (thinner/fewer lines, etc)...but Hikaru's nose is kinda hard to deal with XD

/me is waiting for more :plot: And, by the way, I love your signature :psst: