1. Hayden K.

    Madlax Mix instrumental??

    Is there any sort of instrumental of Madlax Mix in the concert arrangement that I’ve skipped over? Or might anyone be skilled and/or interested enough to create one? I’ve been looking pretty desperately :rain: Thank you for responding!
  2. H

    HELP! Con Competition input and requests TT-TT''''

    Please excuse my long-windedness, but I'm pretty excited about this and am trying to get some opinions from people interested in similar subjects, many of whom can also play music and or sing, and so I wanted to be as detailed as possible. I tried to provide a link for anything I'd referenced...
  3. H

    Certain LIVE songs I can't find?

    I'm hoping someone is able to find footage of these songs! It's only for selfish and/or hard-to-explain reasons, but I'm sure at least someone will understand. (These songs fall into a primary category of those that I obsess over-- *cough*almostallofthewoman'sdiscography*cough* ; there is also...
  4. L

    Favorite Live Performances

    Is there another thread of this nature? If there is, I apologize. Lets aim for Top 5. Categories are: FictionJunction excluding YUUKA, Kalafina, FictionJunction YUUKA FictionJunction: 1. stone cold 2. Duran Shoukan 3. Houseki from Vol. 4...
  5. G

    Has Yuki Kajiura ever played B.T. (.hack//SIGN piano/violin duet) live?

    It is one of my favorite pieces of music and I wonder if she has ever played it live on the piano, or if there is a recording somewhere of her playing it live? The reason I am not posting this in the Request Thread is because I have another question: on the .hack//SIGN soundtrack (or any...