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Yuriko Kaida's solo career


HA! I live in her CLOSET!
I want a whole album from Kaida-san with more than 10 songs, not like her 2 mini-albums which are both with a 4 songs...
She has a great voice, beautiful and gorgeous! She never let me disappointed. Yuriko-san pls :plz: you should make an album!


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Maybe I should've posted about this here instead Yuuka's thread. Yuriko is doing background vocals on "snow wind" from Yuuka's BLOOD HOLIC single.


YES! I live on her roof
That's alright if this was mentioned on both threads though.

Now I'm curious to hear Yuuka's latest single in full. (Can't find the time now though, ugh)
I quite like "My hometown", yuriko's voice is indeed very relaxing. Compared with the game title, I imagine this song playing while a group of rich guys are in a casino and play roulette while smoking, and having a couple of hot women close to them :XD:
Maybe I should post it here instead of any other forums :D
Meg's LIVE on March this year, and Yuriko will be the chrous with another vocalist.
3月26日(水) [new!]
『meg with Spooky Wolf &シェールズ』
at 銀座 No Bird
新井 健(gt)
ステージ:1st 19:30~ / 2nd 21:00~(入替なし)
Music Charge:4,500円
お問合せ No Bird ℡:03-6280-6006
住所:東京都中央区銀座7-3-7 ブランエスパ銀座B1F
【Info from:http://www.megvoice.com/schedule/archive/20143-1.html】
Actually there was a same LIVE on November, last year :D
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From Korenaga Koichi's Twitter:
It seems that Yuriko will be a guest vocal on Kore-chan's LIVE(?) :D
Sounds great :D. I'm planning to go this summer.But this year is the last year of my senior high and my parents want me go for a live next year after my graduation OTL.So I still don't know whether I can go to this live on earth now.(;´Д`A