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Yuri Kasahara (non-YK works)


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Pretty sure we have been talking about her in random threads. Definitely mentioned Gatchaman on Madoka movie ost thread.

Either way, when it comes to anime/games it's probably easier to use vgmdb (even if it's not necessarily complete - I can already tell it's missing at least SOUL EATER from Kasahara's listing).


Personally I think Kasahara is "used" better by Iwasaki than Kajiura so I always welcome their collaborations.
^ I agree, Iwasaki makes more challenging songs for her, the most difficult songs Yuki had made for her should be salva nos fiction ver, meterialise and maybe luminality and the most different one, maze.
^ @Kowz - the first piece was more on the experimental side - the composer didn't even appear in the Japanese wikipedia. The other two pieces from: Der Graf von Luxemburg(The Count of Luxembourg) by Franz Lehár are more accessible.

Kasahara-san is a top class opera singer.


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a little gift for kasahara lovers, if you already doesn't have it

an encounter~deai- (mediafire)

please teach me the onion thingy, it seems the old way is not working anymore.
you put onion, highlight it with mouse or long-tap it if you are on mobile, and then you press the link button (the one that looks like ∞) and then paste the link onto the dialogue box. :)

and thank you so much !! Yuki Kajiura hasnt used Kasahara since Madoka, if we except the OST for that chinese movie that's never going to be released.


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More with Iwasaki. The cheese is almost on the verge of "so bad it's good", lol... almost. It's Pretty Bad (TM).

PS. If anyone cares the second half of the 2nd disc on this Lord of Vermilion 4 OST has several tracks which are all string soloists (with Hitoshi Konno on violin). Pretty much 60% of the album is dubstep though so proceed with care.

I guess I also didn't bump the thread when Bungo Stray Dogs movie OST came out. It has 2 tracks with Yuri (Le Cheval Noir, Mein Prinz). I didn't like them that much...
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Brace for the dub,
the dub,
the step...
brace for the dubstep!

Edit: Also I'm saying dubstep but I don't even know what most of it is. Other than obnoxious and loud.
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