Yuki Kajiura to compose for "Princess Principal" [6-part movies , part #3 on April 7, 2023]

Song sounds bretty cool. I wonder how they'll release the full version tho. Soundtrack or FJ album?
Super sweet

Tbh I kind of hate MM because it’s just so saccharine but this arrangement works really well for me.
Movie 2 BD menu has a 1 minute BGM from the 2nd movie (at least it's not from the 1st and I don't remember it from the TV show).
Sadly, reminds me of delete a little too much, the Ordinal Scane insert song... (and probably something else but delete came to mind first...)

Also includes the 1st menu again. I don't know why I removed some 200samples from the end last time I uploaded it. "cpm"

I'll be back with a shitty quick mixdown of the movie's 5.1 track later today.

Jfc the audio is horribly quiet except for the action in which the SFX can deafen you. I think I forgot since the 1st bluray...
Also outside fairy game, this movie is pretty lame with music. Half is from the TV series, too.

I added the shitty 5.1 rips to the post with movie1 on previous page. (post-322856)
They are literal garbage quality so I'd recommend waiting for the OST even if you're interested in PriPri. Or just watch the movie - and with the original stereo audio cause it's compressed/limited. The differences in volume in the 5.1 audio are absolutely atrocious and I'd replace 3 tracks in these rips using stereo audio if I cared enough about the music... Alas... outside of fairy game I did not care for the music in this movie. To the point I didn't even bother double checking if I included everything. Not sure if the ballroom and other background noise music is Kajiura or not.

NGL now I'm hoping they wait 'til the final movie with the complete OST release.

Ugh I noticed I included some released tracks there. Eh. There's probably more, I just don't care. It's all shit anyways.
2_14 is acting behind the scenes

OVA2 is all released music again. Except the menu track. (tiny flower garden (guitar only), #2 menu BGM, a royal girl, bitter times, school girl life)
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Nothing that the official site mentions.

1st was April 2020 (pre-Covid delay)
2nd was September 2021
IMHO it only makes sense for the 3rd one to be around Feb-April 2023. Might be later, too. ;p

Actas has horrible schedules. Girls und Panzer movie series still has no screening date in sight for the 4th one (3rd movie was released March 2021).

On that note, I wonder how long it takes for A1 to release the 3rd Progressive movie. Kajiura said the 1st one had already been finished for a while before they announced a screening date.
Part 3 is coming out on April 7th, 2023.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ryvkmlf3Bno

Key Visual:
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Seems pretty dull like the 2nd movie. Hopefully it's more enjoyable on the OST.
On the soundtrack side, are they going to release the soundtrack for all the movies in 1 release, or not at all ?
And is it 6 parts or 3 parts after all ?