Yuki Kajiura to compose for "Princess Principal" [6-part movies , part #3 on April 7, 2023]

Btw @grunty u aware Takumi Ozawa is a Highway Star artist now? off-topic gomen
Did I notice? No. Am I surprised? No.
Yasunori Mori was the music producer on Magia Record and even Ookamikakushi, too. Ozawa was on spacecraft for a while, too.
If I had to guess it appears they basically have the same general story and music relationship as Mori does with Kajiura.
(Not sure about Divine Gate or Hidan no Aria.)
Any idea on how the FJ shuri song is going to be released ? Single ? PriPri vocal collection or waiting for the next FJ album ?
Dunno about that but the first movie's bluray is out and the menu music is the new shadow and fog if anyone is craving pripri. Technically hirez-ish and uncompressed (but at super low volume).
^ If anyone cares for it
after mega/file/

Ripped from the bluray menu file. Used PCM audio rather than DTSMA (seemed identical). Added ReplayGain. Added quick tags.
Granted I don't know what it's going to be called when they release the OST, I went with "Crown Handler ver."

Kindly ask not to quote this message, I'll be removing the link shortly.
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Yea, it's quite nice. More focused and fuller than the original and yet somehow lighter/easier to listen to. Live ready too, lol.
I'm glad they included the full version here. It's going to be a long wait for the OST...

I also skipped through this movie's 5.1 audio but I don't think I'm going to bother doing anything with it rn, so much front reverb and background noise in all channels - let's just wait for that OST.
If the first movie is any indication, it could be a v good OST. Better than the TV one IMHO.
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I thought there was a very nice waltz but I might be misremembering. I remember being not so thrilled with the music but most of it had really low volume if memory serves so fingers crossed xD
Yea, I wouldn't say it's thrilling.

If anyone can't wait to preview what's coming on the OST but doesn't care for the show:
Here's a quick shitty downmix of all the tracks without the center channel. It's absolutely not something listenable - it's heavily boosted so don't listen too loud, even if I set a limiter there's still alot of obnoxious loud SFX like gunshots.

The missing 3rd track is the new shadows and fog which you can find above in its full clean version.
I presume a lot of the BGMs are going to be single longer tracks on OST. (7+8+11+13; 4+15+16+17, maybe 12+21 but considering how long they are and their different parts I'm not sure; 18+20 are the same track but I dunno if the strings inbetween would be part of it or not...)
I'm not sure if any tracks other than what I noted are also from the original TV series.
I also didn't notice 'til now that there are two BGMs on the 5th track. Too lazy to redo the archive for this.

Oh yea, the OVA doesn't have any new music. (titteringly/tiny flower garden/school girl life)

#2 (not included: have to get over, tensions are rising, tailing in the darkness x2, espionage trap x3, go and get it, menu BGM)

#3 (not included: menu track (would be 11), tailing in darkness (6))
TBH I did not double check for previous movie or OST tracks - shadows and fog (21), tailing in darkness (20) and espionage trap (23) are still here (they sometimes had different stuff overlayed over intros, sometimes edits, I couldn't be arsed to double check).

Added movie 2 rips. They are garbage quality. Watch the movie with the original stereo audio or wait for the OST in all honesty.

Added movie 3 rips. Straightforward mixdown without the C&LFE channels.
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Seems like a vocalised version of a bgm. The instruments are too loud and cover her voice on the first half of the sample.

I could confuse shuri's voice for JUNNA easily.

thanks elcazador!