Yuki Kajiura to compose for "Princess Principal" [6-part movies , part #2 on Autumn]


I like Yuki
Did someone watch the 1st movie?

There will be a song from a chess scene? I'm not sure if there's a distinction of a OST/Song from JP Translation but it could also be Kajiurago right? Then kinda confirmed there's a new vocal track wooo
No kajiurago (but strings), still nice track.


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Skipped through that nico webrip, it's aaite. I don't really remember the original OST so I could be mistaking new/old tracks.
A lot of the original shadows and fog main theme arranges. A couple first season tracks but maybe they were re-arranged. A couple of new short jazzy ones (including one chase scene).
There's one track (a chess scene) that starts like something from el melloi, then goes through main theme strings, then sax, then main theme harp, then some new strings, sax with sum piano and then main theme again and it just won't end lol. It's like 7 minutes long. Whew. Quite a journey.
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Wow I'm super impressed? :ghost::ghost::ghost: This is more film-scored than hf imo wtf?
Dat Harpsichord+Sax combo around 26:35 is sublime
Really really like the rest too (1-2 unforgettable tracks only for me)
Good OP/ED too
My only complaint is Kajiura needs to drop harp on this films that track sounds like hf ost lol


Im blown away from the quality of the nico vid, thats not just a camrip, its as if someone has access to the studio's files ^^;

I liked most of the new tracks, they re good for the movie, im just afraid it might be a little boring as a soundtrack. I liked the sax tracks that were not re-arrangement of the theme music, as well as a piano track near the begiinning. I think there was only one vocal, as part of the intro music. I'd be happier with even more new melodies but i guess that what you get with a sequel.

Also if all pri-pri movies are like this one, each is basically 2 TV episodes back to back, which makes me wonder why they delay so much.

6-part movies = 12 episodes...
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