Yuki Kajiura to compose for "FSN Heaven's Feel" movies [part III: Spring Song > BD / OST out]


new key art too
http://www.fate-sn.com/news/index.html#news43539 (bigger size on main site)



I have reached Yuki nirvana
Not going to lie, I HATE the vocals in the main part. Perhaps it's just the quality but that's some quarity screeching from Yuriko.

PS. The animation is kind of whack to me. Was that Shinji with a 3d model (or ridiculously animated 2d)? Then some stills (Saber in yellow raincoat looking like a still from KNK1) and random overdone animation (I'm really not sure her hair would move like that).

But it's just a trailer... we'll see in 6+ months, lol.

For some reason they also put the original series OP in the middle of the second movie on top of the already new OP as well.
Well, the OP had a point in the TV show so it also had it in the movie (even if it didn't have the same impact).
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I have reached Yuki nirvana
Compared to Berserk 2017 this is a visual masterpiece
Compared to that it doesn't mean much. Maybe his entrance has a point in the whole movie (and warrants this animation) but in the trailer it just looks randomly overdone to me.


Sounds like this is going to be a strings fest.

Animation is flashy as heck, but I still think KnK had better action scenes than anything from ubw.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
And that's bad thing? Well, I guess she uses string a lot. (I love the violin, but I do hope for more horn like in F/Z.)

Less variety in sounds. But then again, I'm honestly not expecting that much variety in these films.

About the song, the first part sounds like F/Z music with Yuriko instead of a choir. The final part sounds delicious. Love me some aggressive chanting.


It looks very cool. The vocals on the first part are a little chaotic, but i guess they are from a middle of one of the BGMs, so that's to be expected, and i LOVE the end ones. Unhappy with the strings overuse, it truly feels like continuation from FZ OST. Im surprised they still use the same graphics and in UBW, i was expecting some sort of step-up. Unless they save the better ones for the movie itself. Does Sakura still not fight ?

EDIT: Did anyone notice the common between the 2nd PV bgm's melody https://canta-per-me.net/2016/12/new-fatestay-night-heavens-feel-pv/ and the strings one at 0:50 of the new one?
So, i guess this will be the theme melody for HF ?
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Since HF is supposed to be the darkest route of Stay Night, I guess similar themes to Zero make sense here, with the excessive violin work and cataclysmic chanting, but variety is always appreciated, and we've heard very little so far so who knows?

@george1234 Pretty sure Sakura gets her own Servant this time. :)

Even ancient cave paintings were visual masterpieces compared to primordial soup

Even primordial soup is a visual masterpiece compared to Nissin Top Ramen :sparkleguy: