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Yuki Kajiura made BGM for "Magia Record Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica Gaiden" CM (Update: NEW one with Zagitova and Medvedeva)



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-T5j1FHLsg < fking region lock


The ballet dancer seems to be a russian Olympics athlete ( and she is so pretty <3)

・タイトル: 「マギアレコード 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ外伝」1周年CM“ザギトワ 変身篇”
・出演: アリーナ・ザギトワ選手
・CM種類: 15秒CM/30秒CM/PV(79秒)全3パターン
・公開日時: 8月15日(水)~ 全国にてO.A.
音楽制作: 梶浦由記   ※テレビアニメ「魔法少女まどか☆マギカ」、「ソードアート・オンライン」/NHK連続テレビ小説「花子とアン」など
・衣装制作: 安野ともこ(CORAZON) ※有名スケーター衣装/ミュージカル「キャバレー」衣装他

■アリーナ・ザギトワ選手 プロフィール
2018年平昌オリンピック 女子シングル・金メダル 団体戦・銀メダル
2018年欧州選手権 女子シングル・優勝
2017年グランプリファイナル(名古屋) 女子シングル・優勝

(my guess is that the music is some rearrange of nightmare ballet )

Kagaribi no Hanabira

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Wow...that's a nice collaboration. As I'm not a big fan of Sagitta Luminis, I'd prefer Nightmare Ballet or even the overused Sis Puella Magica.

P.S. I feel a bit sorry for Medvedeva who's known for being a big otaku though...O____O. But who knows...., Zagitova may be the same as her senior.


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Didn't think I'd see anything Madoka related for a good while. I don't care much for Sagitta Luminis, but I still enjoyed the piece.

I agree that it sounds like a live harp, but I can't hear it too well since the strings are so loud. The little bits that I could make out were lovely and I wish the whole piece had been played on the harp. I'm just bored of Kajiura strings,


I asked someone who knows russian and she said that she doesnt say anything worthy in the interview, just that it was interesting to participate in that filming and then she says please play that game.

(which is still only available in japan and from what i got from my owm watching she didnt even know kyuubey's name )


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Summary of the interview (based on the Japanese subtitles, I don't speak Russian):
Zagitova introduces herself.
Just like the Mahou Shoujo during fights, she also feels hope but also despair sometimes in figure skating games.
She really liked the costume she was wearing, it was the first time she wore something like that.
It was really fun to participate in that filming.
And this one here - what's its name? [Kyuubey] Ah, Kyuubey... It's cute! But a weird creature, its ears turn into hands at the end!


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(based on Russian, i don't speak Japanese :dd)
In the beginning of her speech she says that she's a figure skater and, like all magicians, she spends a great amount of time training and perfoming. And of course sometimes she faces difficulties and has some moments of despair. But than she adds that she is always full of power and energy so she doesn't give up and she hopes that everyone could feel it in this CM.

I think that this text was written by other people and she only had to read it, cause later she was exploring kyuubey, asked its name, said that it was "strange but cute" and asked if these strange things from his ears were hands :d


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Thanks for the detailed explanation about the introduction! Yes, I also have the impression that it was written by other people and she just had to read it. Not only because of Kyuubey, but also because she sounded a bit expressionless during that part, and a bit ... how can I say it... having the words ready too quickly?


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Sounds bretty nice. And it also sounds like she used real music box sounds instead of synth, and real harp again, I think.


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Yes, it did, but they are using anime BGMs too and I ~believe~ the game still gets (story)updates. I'm not expecting any new YK music but was hoping for some alt versions, like sis puella magica instr or something.
It's been a moment since I tried ripping the music. I either couldn't figure out how to download the audio files from their servers or they needed decrypting and I couldn't do it.
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Why not rip it from the game while playing on an android emulator ? The files are in the servers and not the apk. ?