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Yuki Kajiura Live VOL 15 ~ The Junctions of Fiction 2019 ~ (+ Soundtrack Special, Asia Tour -HK,SG,TW-)


PS, judging by the lack of queues for merchandise on the second day of the Soundtrack concerts, most of the audience members attended both days.

Very few seats were vacant either day (only saw two or so vacant seats on each day).


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From Fancy Frontier FB page

睽違五年,梶浦由記帶領堅強的歌姬與樂手陣容再度來台 !

「Yuki Kajiura LIVE TOUR vol.#15 ~The Junctions of Fiction 2019 in Taipei~」
6月29日(週六) 上午11點
Yuki Kajiura LIVE TOUR vol.#15
~The Junctions of Fiction 2019 in Taipei~
演出日:8月25日(日)Open 18:00 / Start 19:00
梶浦由記 (Piano・Chorus)
KAORI (Vocal) , KEIKO (Vocal) , YURIKO KAIDA (Vocal) , Joelle (Vocal)
是永巧一 (Guitar) , 佐藤強一 (Drums) , 高橋“Jr.”知治 (Bass) , 今野 均 (Violin) , 赤木りえ (Flute) , 中島オバヲ (Percussion) , 大平佳男 (Manipulator)
售票時間:2019/6/29 (六) 上午 11:00
票價:NT$3,800 / 2,800 / 1,800 (全場對號入座)
主辦:杜葳廣告/好玩國際文化/FictionJunction/HIGHWAY STAR
協辦:大鴻藝術BIG ART
#刀劍神域 #魔法少女小圓 #空之境界 #鬼滅之刃 #Fate
for Taiwan venue seems like they will start selling tickets on 29 June? Planning to go to this one



Only 3 photos unfortunately.

Kagaribi no Hanabira

Golden daffodil at her window

Only 3 photos unfortunately.
TT. I really yearn for the photo at the end of Red Rose. Eri posed so cutely at the end and Konno who stood next to her side pointed the bow to Eri as if he tried to blame Eri for stealing his scene. LoL


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^Exactly! They need too, That's why I am surprised that the 25th one wasn't recorded. *sigh* Oh well, I hope to see I talk to the rain though! Just listened to it again. Ahhh, I love it so much. heh Anyways, anyone going to the one with ASCA?


I have reached Yuki nirvana