Yuki Kajiura LIVE #19 Kajifes 2023 - 30th Anniversary Live (Blu-ray releases / Box set announced for May 29, 2024)

it's Kajiura's FIRST Budokan live and for many artists in Japan, performing a one-man live at the Budokan is the ultimate milestone of an artist that "made it big".
This is true, and I wonder if this is also why she put together such a safe setlist despite having a fully decked out band at her disposable.
This is true, and I wonder if this is also why she put together such a safe setlist despite having a fully decked out band at her disposable.
I think that's probably exactly why?
This was a LOT of songs, performers and guests across the 2 days. Like logistically even this mostly stale setlist with just a handful of new songs is probably difficult to manage and prepare.

- The production values (both Day 1 and 2) - I'm not asking for much but it seems rather weaksauce.
Definitely. And I still can't get over those cameras going out of focus...
Shout out and all the praise to Keiko and Yuriko for practically singing the whole concert on day 2. Their voices on harmony just worked together on nearly all Kajiura songs. They're the MVPs.
I call them the "heaven" (Yuriko) and "earth" of the Fiction Junction (and also Kalafina) vocal firmament. They complement and understand each other so well. Sometimes (when she's calm) Kaori blends with them but when she gets fired up, she goes her own way and forgets her mic technique, just blasting into the mic!

A lot of the songs are so Wakana heavy that you can easily divvy it up between the 3 FJ sopranos (Joelle, Yuriko, Kaori) and still have a "balanced" vocal lineup. And for the songs that are Hikaru-Keiko focused, they can be used to highlight Hikaru as guest vocal
I like the way you're thinking!

Lino Leia is not a singer.
Hot take? 🤣 She's not a storyteller unlike rito and seems to have limited emotional/dynamic ability, and hasn't shown the versatility to tackle old and new songs.
By the way... about nowhere... do we think Yuriko has no idea what the kajiurago/Engrish in that song actually is either? lol. I feel like with every performance she simplifies/slurs/nananas/whateveryouwanttocallit that one pre-chorus part more and more... It's actually hilarious, lol.
I actually feel like this one in particular is clearer than any other nowhere lives? It sounds like "someday somewhere/some way in/and any time, any place". tho tbh in previous lives i always hear it as any time and place lol
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I actually feel like this one in particular is clearer than any other nowhere lives? It sounds like "someday somewhere in/and any time, any place". tho tbh in previous lives i always hear it as any time and place lol
And I meant the next line. lol.

This is probably still the clearest version
though I still don't know what it is lol.
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Oooh that line. And uuuuh that Kalafina live lmao

I always hear it as "in the night of naughty angels" lol tho if that's true or idk what does that even mean/reference to. I never watched Madlax after all.

Edit: watching the Yuriko ver. again and now not so sure lmaoo she really be saying anything it seems. I mean it comes from someone who said that she changed the Kajiurago after she transcribed it to Katakana and she read it wrong so I feel like she'd do the same for Engrish lol
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Well, the first one I would assume could be because of MADLAX being an assassin so basically she can get you anyday anywhere any way anyplace etc.

Edit: Looking at the lyrics I'm just bullshitting like Yuriko, lol.

Checked the American DVD translation, obviously doesn't include those missing parts. :/
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Day 1 is a win-win for me, in terms of vocal qualities and songs choices (Materialise >:( ). Day 2, tbh, I replayed Kokia, Eri Itou, and Tomaru Hanae, I'm not sure how I actually feel about Lino...

Day 2: Kokia & Eri Itou (ring your song :'( ) - Yuriko Keiko.

Please, more Yuri Kasahara.
There is no camera wobble in Day 2 ? ? :o things look more "matte" though? maybe it's the 360p lol.

Kibo no Hikari - what a wonderful track to start with. It's so folksy, Kajiura feels so warm in opening herself to the audience. The way lighting introduced Kajiura was also very nice.

Prelude to Act1 - Eri :) short but perfect.

Numquam vincar - I feel like Day 2 is more red/orange/yellow and day 1 is more green/blue in its lighting? lol probably misremembering. another classic.

Magia - Joelle was excellent. Hikaru too; I could hear no issues (and I look for them lol). Nostalgia chills. She is so cute. Honestly I closed my eyes and Joelle perfectly replaced Wakana here which really hasn't happened so far (e.g. parallel hearts). Yuriko+Joelle's highs added (ikuru subeteee) so much :love: hmmm... (Keiko's face looks a bit pale?). wow this could be my fav live ver? I dunno.

storia - ooohh. hard song eh. Joelle was so great (wakana bye). wow Hikaru totally totally pulled it off. super impressed. this was EXCELLENT. wow.

to the beginning - loved that piano play in the beginning. Joelle replaced Wakana here as well. that dress makes her look like a rose. Joelle be my bride lol. (hmm shinjite shin part sounded muted lol) Keiko + Hikaru + Joelle hugging on stage awww. GO HUG YURIKO TOO YOU BOZOS. Joelle's solo oooofff perfect. totally knocked wakana out of the park.

Umi to Shinju & Taiyo no koro - Junna started out well but then sounded inconsistent to me. she kept holding her chest which may or may not mean sth lol.

they cut time to sail :o

LORD - Joelle was perfection again. Haaaa haaa ha haaaaa in the end so powerful voice.

a song of storm and fire - Eri hesitated in the beginning :(. She looks like Caesar wrapped in an autumn themed comforter lolz.
ring your song - honestly Eri sounded rather weak to me. Other Fictionjunctions came to her rescue though and she was fine toward the end.

Koto no hoka yawarakai - ooh a new song. Fion ! what a nice blend of voices, must be so fun for Kajiura to play with their voices lol. Joelle + kaori POOF = Hanae in the end xD

Hibari - I didn't mind ASCA's voice. cute song.
Kimi ga mita yume no monogatari - I'd rather have Keiko take the lead on this one. ASCA's mouth moves so fast it's so funny in the middle. too long. Rie's parts were cute tho.
everlasting song - is everlasting song.
Sekai no hate - her voice is actually not bad but too cutesy for my taste.

Yasashii Yoake - Joelle and Yuriko only. hmm.. let's see. oooff Joelle is HOT. DONE TO PERFECTION.. Chiaki got dethroned brutally, no mercy? maybe.

Kimi ga ita Monogatari - Joelle opens with that powerful voice. done well.

Rainbow - so angelic. hmm. that fade out effect in the end oof. lovely.
Kaze yo fuke - as if it's studio version lol I detect no difference. Kokia's the real deal. such a unique and powerful voice.

mezame - I don't like the stops in the beginning (caminette stop iii) but whatever. not the same energy as Vol9 but very good.
Yuyami no Uta - finally some alone time with Keiko. not sure what to feel about her yaaayy. a better song could be picked for Keiko really.
Kouya Ruten - I got bored after a while, it's kinda repetitive but ok.
silly-go-round - ughh Junna shouts. not the biggest fan.
cazador del amor - such big shoes to fill. and it failed. she feels so grand and sure of herself too. umm but no.

nowhere - such popsy setlist lol. I got bored here too. meh.

the setlist was arranged really funny. the emotions are all over the place. Day 1 is much more superior in this regard.

zodiacal sign - is zodiacal sign. with delicious Rie flute this time !! glad I didn't just skip.

Into the World - awwww Hikaru again:)))) Joelle equals Wakana yet again. perfect. Into.... the... world...

Red rose - now Eri looks like a peahen xD so good. that end with all the instrumental is superb too. may have ended here and dumped Parade I wouldn't have minded lol.

Parade - done right. not much else to say.

I preferred Day 1 with that amazing Yuri but I did enjoy Day 2. Funny enough the highlight of Day 2 was Kalafina lol. Joelle takes the cake here. Kokia next. I am so glad Hikaru is on form.
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Hot take? 🤣 She's not a storyteller unlike rito and seems to have limited emotional/dynamic ability, and hasn't shown the versatility to tackle old and new songs.
It's not even versatility, she just isn't a good singer. She had ONE song on Day 2 but sounded very out of breath because she has 0 vocal stamina (the breath before the last "del amor" is a clear giveaway), her tone was simultaneously shakey and whiney, she goes loud at times when it's not appropriate to do so (during that solo section with the accordion and the piano before the big string section), she sounded very pitchy even with the post-production pitch correction, she doesn't sing with the intention of blending with the harmonies, I could go on all day.

I still don't understand why Japan goes gaga over her.

Like seriously just rewatch Yuuka's performance and it's night and day.
It's actually kind of weird, when I was first watching the live I wasn't noticing it for a good while either - thought maybe they fixed it... but then once it hit, it was there non stop.

It's there in the camera that's doing closeups in the back (like frontal closeups of Keiko in a song of storm and fire; it's there on Hikaru too but she's contorting so much that it blends with regular motion blur lol maybe that's why I thought it got fixed) and I think in (one of?) the dolly camera(?s) under the front-stage that's going left<->right. So at least those 2 shots, probably more but would have to watch more.
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She had ONE song on Day 2 but sounded very out of breath because she has 0 vocal stamina (the breath before the last "del amor" is a clear giveaway)
Oh, her stamina is a whole issue. And she was nasal all through!
she doesn't sing with the intention of blending with the harmonies
Her whole nasal tone makes it difficult to blend since it's always there (Not a choice but rather a feature of her voice)
just rewatch Yuuka's performance
I did, and you're right!
wakana bye

wakana bye

Joelle was perfection again
She always is!
She is so cute
Hikaru is a cutie pie! And especially with her dress the second time around.
Joelle and Yuriko only
Perfect! We need more of this please!
. Funny enough the highlight of Day 2 was Kalafina lol. Joelle takes the cake here. Kokia next. I am so glad Hikaru is on form.
Joelle's skill and consistency was on display throughout, especially in lead sections and getting to use her head voice so often! KOKIA was enigmatic. Hikaru deserves to be on that stage every year! So many Kalafina songs need the FJ vocal touch-up!
DAY 1 Recap:

Senya ichiya - rito (lead)

At that almost acappella counterpoint section where rito, Joelle, and Yuriko were each taking a different vocal line with Joelle on the bottom (nice low notes, I need more of Joelle singing lower in harmony) and they converged on the word, "semete", listen to the aligned vibratos of the 3 of them - gave a slight haunting feel to that section. Sweet! I will keep delighting at Joelle and Yuriko's vibrato/tonal blend for these softer sections.

Sokyuu no Fanfare
LINO LEIA has some work to do on some fundamentals. When she sang the second part of verse 2 just after rito, notice at the end of her section when she went for the extended note before the others joined in for some reason her tongue root came into play and her tone changed to this muffled, kermit-the-frog-type sound out of the blue. I had to rewind a couple of times just to think through why she opted for that, or was it because of some underlying strain she's unaware of, or not revealed in other songs? Or just a mistake?
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Finally watched Part 2...

Kibo no Hikari: Nice song
Prelude to Act 1: Solid! String-y!
Numquam Vincar: Epic

Magia: Hikaru bringing the energy and drama! Staring down the audience and strutting all over place. Didn't miss anything from the previous versions except the choreographed music (Edit: I meant choreography from Magia Quattro Arena Live 2016). And Yuriko adding those high harmony parts. Hikaru and Keiko getting to dual-dramatize on the home stretch (and Hikaru held a long note as is her specialty - and got a mini-roar at the end). Hikaru also got to stand on stage.

storia: Best version. Hearing Yuriko doing the high Wakana part in the beginning was sweet (Wakana's timbre hits a little different though, just saying). Also hearing strong Joelle-Hikaru-Keiko harmony in the chorus (first time!)! The last lap of the chorus till the end with the 3-voices alternating with all their voices was beautiful, and one of my favourites from any live performance!

to the beginning: That starting harmony! The changes in the arrangement! Joelle's lead section. Keiko hugging and hogging Hikaru (reminds me of Magia most dramatized live) - (Edit: I specifically Magia Quattro Arena Live 2016).! Joelle solo, and harmony with Yuriko towards the end was bar-settingly good! No one does hand-pumping (with the head snaps) to fire up the crowd like Hikaru!

Umi to Shinju: JUNNA has a strong straight tone and I liked her switches to soft head voice for effect/navigating high pitches. She's similar to Kaori in powering through vocals and quickly belting with power, just that Kaori would have belted those pitches on which JUNNA went to head voice (she's got the range/mask up there for that).

Taiyo no koro: JUNNA with Yuriko was cute, and with Keiko was nice. The 3-part hamony was really nice too. JUNNA is similar to Kaori in how she approaches lead sections in terms of a "soft" start and building to the plenty of belting! Yuriko makes everything better... And Joelle went full head voice with a high note. Rare and appreciated.

LORD: One of Joelle's strengths is how she starts a vocal line. Her first note is ALWAYS on point! It gives stability to her traversing through a phrase. Shows she has strong foundation. She also got to go to head voice more here (duetting with Kaori) which was another showcase. The YKK (prime trio 1) section was epic and haunting! Joelle with the 13-second sustained note with stability throughout! She also got to have her own Yuri Kasahara-like dramatic (red light) dance up top. Go Jo!

a song of storm and fire: She had to take a catch-up breath at the beginning. When the full instruments kicked in and she took that solo section, I loved her tone and the effects she added including how she navigated the pitch climb and masked the high notes to give cut. Pro singer! I noticed some strain in her neck at times though.

ring your song: A beautiful song! When FJ came in with the unison line is was rich, but when they split the parts to harmonize, I was remembered of the strength of Yuki Kajiura's vocal ensembly and the singers she's gathered. That last chord with Yuriko on top gave me CHILLS.

Koto no Hoka Yawarakai: Epic song! Full FJ vocal showcase! They kept calling "Hikaru" in the lyrics at a point. Sure she felt it backstage. Joelle going all head-voicy at the end. Another held chord at the end. We need more of this song!

Hibari: I am actually a fan of ASCA's low range, even though she's lacking in dynamic/expressive ability compared to Keiko! Interesting to hear her sing a softer song that doesn't require belting. Joelle and Yuriko have mastered those bell-like head voice duet sprinkles. They have become a true powerhouse duo for those special harmony effects in FJ. I am sure Kajiura is really enjoying using them.

Kimi ga mita yume no monogatari: Nice song! I could totally hear Keiko leading this in another arrangement. I could actually hear rito take it too! She has the range to take the lead with the low notes and give some word-painting emotion. You need Keiko for the low harmony, so maybe rito should do a cover! ASCA nailed the emotion in the little solo with the minor runs. Suitable expressiveness. Wish she did more of that more often, since she tends to be in one spot aesthetically when singing.

Everlasting song: Based on others' comments, and my tin-foil hat, I was looking at Aira's facial expressions compared to what she was supposed to be singing - moving through her range and changing registers. Almost looked a but like she was lip-syncing (her last long held note, she seemed to move the mic before the note ended, and no sign of the exertion to hold it on her face). Maybe I'm just influenced by other comments...

Sekai no hate: Nice song. Still felt the disconnect a little bit. Maybe she's just that cool at not looking like she's singing...?

Yasashii Yoake: Joelle with the dynamics and head voice and vibrato (and some soft slides/glissandi)! Cool beginning. Totally made it hers. The Joelle/Yuriko duet I been waiting for! A vocal unit in another life?

Kimi Ga Ita Monogatari: Great beginning from Joelle but her voice got a little tight towards the end. Kaori's long belting standard (loudness/length) still unbeaten. Liked the variation in the instrumentals section - nice 3-part structure. Kaori got to belt to her heart's content.

Rainbow: KOKIA is not just a word-painter, she's a world-painter.

Kaze yo fuke: She's a unique singer and I like the way she used the vocal break for expression. Listen to that dynamics shift from soft to loud to soft to loud again on the second verse! Masterful! You get the feeling she could cover Yuriko's parts in FJ (I think she has the range and control for it).

mezame: Hanae! She seemed much more relaxed than the previous live.

Yuyami no Uta: FJ Prime Trio led by Keiko! A great performance backed by these two (Yuriko and Kaori). I wonder how this song will be performed in her solo lives to this quality without the vocals and full instruments - unless it more of a lighter rock or an acoustic version. Kaori doing low harmony for this long really got to shine in that range of her voice. Yuriko was suitably complementary as always.

Kouya Ruten: rito my girl! An acceptable cover of Yuuka's original. Her lower notes were fuller definitely. You see that she can hold a note too! Also got some dramatic dance moves! She can only get better as she keeps working on her craft.

silly-go-round: OK, JUNNA yelling the notes wasn't appropriate. She didn't go for any subtlety on the belts. She was OK at the gentle section of the verses.

cazador del amor: Dual choreography with Yuriko! 🤔 That never happens!!! LINO was not just nasal, she went NOSAL! She was just singing from her nose for much of the song, so her voice wasn't full or resonant. rito would have sounded better. LINO did the raise-mic-up-to-shorten-the-note thing here too. She is a dancer so that showed in her expressive stage mannerisms but the voice didn't do.

nowhere: You need circular breathing for all that "YELAHIYELAHI" chanting! The energy wasn't there from ASCA's lead. They needed Hikaru just for the fist-pumping instrumental interludes!

zodiacal sign: FULL ENERGY and the dance for Hitoshi-san were so cute and made him smile.

Into the World: One of my favourite Kalafina songs that felt like a send-off for them. Joelle stood in well for the Wakana lead. Her full vibrato hit different. You could just feel it. On the first chorus you could see the posture differences though. Hikaru's shoulders were bent far forward compared to others, which is not efficient for singing as it causes the ribcage and lungs to be collaped and leads to using the neck and other unnecessary muscles (which she often does, sadly, due to force of habit at this point in her effort to physically express, I guess). On the lyric "oho" at the beginning of verse 2, Keiko had an uncharacteristic voice break in changing registers (her voice was tiring I assume). Hikaru looked beautiful in blue and gave her in-between acting expressions (when not singing) which is one of the things I love about her (contrast with Yuriko who often just stands and smiles when not singing, no shade though, they're different).

Red rose: Sublime vocals from Eri Ito. Cool to have all the musicians (except the 3-piece band = bass, drums, guitar) have solos. I think this song should have come earlier in the concert though. It seemed out of place where it showed up.

Parade: Good end pointing to the future!

Final words: The crowd seems mostly subdued though polite and didn't cheer so loudly except at some points (action, audience-engagement-heavy songs). There were some exceptions (super fans). Not sure if that's the vibe of the venue.
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I upgraded myself to suki's version. The wobble is present but nowhere near as bad as Day1. That day was as if someone held the camera so close to their heart that Yuri looked like she was teleporting from an alternate universe...

Some extras:

- Drums are from Istanbul Agop Cymbals !!! Much love from Istanbul and Turkish-Armenians:)

- zodiacal sign: how cute are they when they all gather around Kajiura:)

- Eri is the biggest disappointment for me. Even in Red Rose the mic is going away ayeee yaaa is fading and sh*t... not good. instrumentals and FJ save her though. just because she is a fav of mine doesn't mean I'll go easy on her xD (probably gonna get roasted by the folks here :o)

- Magia live is really the best ver here. It's phenomenal. Can't get over Yuriko's highs; they are so clean and audible so not just assisting but as if it's a second front stage for those brief moments. such a metal head banger.
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-Kibou no Hikari: Lovely as always. It’s nice to actually see Naomi playing the pipes.
-Prelude to act 1: Bretty good.
-Nunquam vincar: Kewl performance.
The performances were good, but It’s the exact same order as vol 15 instrumental so it’s not as exciting hue.

-Magia: ignoring Hikaru’s fugged voice, it was fine. Though I feel like Yuriko wasn’t really needed here hue.
-Storia: Hikaru didn’t sound good hue. Joelle, on the other hand, was lovely. Now I want to hear her sing Historia OP theme.
-TTB: the intro finally sounds complete hue. Again, muh Joelle nailed it. Mmm did they use Hanae’s original kajiurago after the refrain? Why? Yuriko is there. I like that Yuriko got one of W’s lines in the bridge. Dat “kirisaite” by Joelle at the end of the bridge. NICE.
I was expecting Gin Niwa to be included since it was shown on that Kajiura documentary.
I loved what Joelle did on the Kalafina songs. All that switch between chest and head voice was wonderful, and is something I wish Kalafina did more.

-Umi to Shinju: vocal wise is great. Junna’s voice has energy but she looks so serious all the time hue. Wasn’t she a member of some idol group?
-Taiyou no koro: This looks better now. Junna could smile a little but eh, it’s fine for this song. The harmonies were lovely. I thought that if Joelle sung the bridge, I would understand the lyrics, but nope hue.
-Main theme of LORD: muh Joelle was flawless… except that little hiccup around the beginning hue, but no biggie. She was such a KWEEN when she went up the upper stage.
-A song of storm and fire: I always luv muh Eri. That breathing in the middle of “mastia” is a big no no, but maybe she did it so she could hold the note better.
-Ring your song: Beautiful muh Eri. Adding the flute like in vol 15 was a nice touch, just missing the pipes.
-Kotonohokayawarakai: I was expecting Kaori to add a lot of cries and other shiet at the end of her phrases, but she restrained herself hue. Everyone was great here. There was just one part where Joelle was singing her lil kajiurago line and Yuriko joined with a new upper voice, and I was like “no Yuriko!”. Also, that three-part harmony at the end was delicious.
-Hibari: very purty. Everyone was on point. Surprised Kaori sung lower harmony instead of Keiko. Mmm ASCA could definitely move a little more hue.
-Kimi ga mita etc: again, vocals are on point, but gurl, where’s the energy from the PV? Hue. Well, seems she got a little better midway through the song.
Super cereal when singing, but happy and cute when greeting the audience hue.

-Everlasting song: oh so it wasn’t just me who thought Asuka sounded suspiciously perfect… lip sync? In MY Kajiura 30th anniversary concert? Mmm, perhaps Asuka’s mic was faulty and they inserted the vocals for the video release. But then, I’m sure they would’ve noticed and fixed it, at least for Sekai no Hate. Mebbe she was sick? I dunno, I feel like they could’ve handled this better.
Also, Asuka, accordion, flute, strings quartet, NO MADA DAME YO? REEEEEEEEEEEE.

-Yasashii yoake: Joelle kweening again. My favorite live version of this song, and not just because of Joelle’s eggcellent performance, but also because all the necessary instruments are there, including the delicious percussion.
-Kimi ga ita monogatari: So it’s definitely “calling you in quiet lonely night” right? Kaori was perfect to fully lead this song. Wakana just wasn’t exciting at all. Though I’m surprised Kaori didn’t move as much as usual. Mebbe she was focused on singing.
-Rainbow main theme: GORGEOUS, flawless performance.
-Kaze yo fuke: More perfection from KOKIA!
More KOKIA plis, Kajiura, in soundtracks, FJ albums, and Fiction 3 (soon).

-Mezame: good as always.
-Yuyami no uta: still don’t love the song but Keiko was great, and Kaori handled the lower harmony really well.
-Kouya ruten: another hit for Rito. I think Yuuka songs definitely fit her. That pause in the bridge was a kewl touch. And dem moves right after hue. RITO, YOU CAN SIT WITH US. Is the flute new or was it already used in vol 11 Yuuka day? Whatever the case, it fits the song nicely.
-Silly go around: Yeesh, Junna, don’t scare me like that hue. The song doesn’t need that much power. But other than that, I think she fits the song nicely, just less shouty (that KIMI TOOOO before the bridge) And move more, gurl. I like that she went to sing kajiurago (or is it in English?) with Yuriko.
-Cazadore del amore: Yuriko DANSU! That was unexpected. Nice moves, Lino Leia, but like I said, she ain’t no singer (or at least, a Kajiura singer). Maybe she could be the cheerleader or something.
-Nowhere: It’s nice and fun. I prefer Yuuka’s, but ASCA wasn’t bad. Also, where was this energy in your previous songs? Hue.

-Zodiacal sign: fun, as always. I like how the song has evolved beyond being a crowd pleaser into a “just do whatever the fuark you want on stage” song. I love it tho hue. No 1 2 3 from Kajiura? Dat dansu during the violin solo. Dat Konno laughing at the girls hue.
-Into za warudo: Not much to say other than very good! Both Joelle and Kaori handled their parts nicely. Would be nice to have more Kalafina covers with all 5 singers. Red Moon would be a great fit. Or Sprinter, which unfortunately didn’t have all necessary singers last time.

-Red Rose: lovely Eri! I think vocal-wise she sounds better compared to vol 15, just needed to be more careful with the mic hue. I WILL SAY THO, that I prefer the vol 15 performance. This mini cello solo was so lame hue. I honestly thought he was going to play Ode to Joy when he first started. Konno’s solo was kewl… until it looked like he either ran out of ideas or he forgot how many bars he was supposed to improv. Yoshiaki and Rie were kewl, as always. Should’ve gotten Nishikata as cellist so he could’ve played the trumped again. I loved Eri waving the feather fan at the musicians. CUTE! Dat ending with Naomi playing dat reel, and all the other musicians joining her will always be delicious.
-Parade: No complaints from me. Every was great. I luved Joelle’s “sora ni todoke” at the end.

Oof, that was a lot. Can’t wait for the 7-8 hour marathon once the BDs are released hue.