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Yuki Kajiura Birthday Project 2019 (?)

In 2008 we did a webpage with wishes from everyone and drawings by ズuiyon and coloured by Kerahna,
in 2009 we didnt because we made a scrapbook for Kalafina because they were visiting AnimeBoston,
and in 2010 we did the CPM cover of everlasting song, decorated by a ズuiyon drawing again.
In 2011 we did a "Happy Birthday" phrases collage (however this wasnt sucessful since it was the only time we didnt got a response from Yuki)
and in 2012 we did a foodbook were we gathered recipes from every participant member's country as well as articles about a country's traditional foods, that were written by teams that were formed by members that leaved in neighboring countries.
In 2013 we did a photobook, with pictures of landscapes from participant member's countries and countries they have visited (+ map).
In 2014 a book with favourite songs (fav lyrics) and text saying why we liked them ( + some drawings).
In 2015 a a book containing live reports, CD / merchandise collection pictures, messages, and artwork .
In 2016 we made a cover album with members singing / playing songs, and also a PDF book with messages and artworks.
In 2017 we did Kajiura inspired comix book with some messages also thrown in.
In 2018 we did Yearly polls to vote for the best tracks of every year since 1993 (note that this one was also a failure since YK never reacted to it)

Should we make a 2019 present or not ? If yes, start throwing in ideas different than the above.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
How about a mash up cover from her earlier release to latest???

Or just like last 2008. Birthday card.... Well...

The difference is, they could attach on that greeting their gift, fanart, etc of their choice

We could message Emily and Clara Kennedy this time 😂