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Yuki Kajiura Birthday Project 2019 "Booklet with photos of trains & rail stations": COMPLETED

What idea should we do for 2019 YK birthday project ?

  • Print poster with birthday wishes & send it to her with Kugayama (Kowz idea)

    Votes: 3 17.6%
  • We Buy a gift and send it to Kajiura (Kirito's Idea)

    Votes: 1 5.9%
  • Booklet of photos/pictures of trains and rail stations (Smiley)

    Votes: 7 41.2%
  • Post card from each country we are + message (tsubasa)

    Votes: 6 35.3%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


I adore Yuki
Maybe we can design an official postcard format so everyone use the same format, and we add there each picture and message, so we can make it a bit personal from all of us as a group (I mean as a forumm/community), and from each of as personal. I don't know if I make myself understand :confu:


It's just my wild imagination, I don't even know if it is possible to make something like this and how pricey it is....

But if you want trains...how about a book and on the cover/first page you have a extra page that you can open (you have 3 pages now) on this extra page it has a train/locomotive/this train front thingy xDDDDD
On the other 2 pages, there is like the title FJStation or CPM.net-Station :plot:

And now if you go normally through the pages, you have all these train trailers where members can add there messages/pictures. Trailers = cmp-members card-messages, which are "connected" to the locomotive or if it's done digitally it could be designed as anything that feels like a trailer that is "attached to the extra front page".

--> combine with postcard, you can use those postcards as train trailers xDDD

Hope you can imagine what I wanted to explain :XD:


Poll will run for 2 weeks May 11- 25. You can still propose other idea if it comes up. If train one wins we will then consider if we will do it like
@philadelphin or @Caterpiendante propose, or not.

We also have the choise to either hand it to her with the help of one of our members during one of the YK Live vol#15 performances, or wait until her birthday on Aug 6 like most of the times.


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it has been a while:ohoho:

We can also combine the train booklet + postcard idea into one. Kinda have an idea on how to compile this so if you dont mind can leave that part to me :XD:
Maybe you can just provide picture of trains/station, provide handwriting message on a postcard (stamps included?) & scan it instead of posting/providing the actual postcard.
Accordion book is nice but not sure where can print that kind of book


^ What stamps are you refering to ?

There isssue with the trains one because in USA they are hardly any trains for most of the country.


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Its not true that there aren't many trains in the USA. Mostly they have fallen into disuse and disrepair, and decommission due to the motoring culture and federal buildout of the interstate highway system, which has been overall a massive waste when trains had been working amazingly well for decades before that.


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If the book could be printed before Aug 4, I or other CPM fellows can pass it to Yuki during the autograph session in Hong Kong live. If not, I can also do it during Taiwan live on Aug 25.


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If the train idea is a go (or if train pictures are needed), I can provide some pictures of locomotives, including Steam ones(the National train museum is in my town). Most are from the Netherlands-Hindi era, but newer locomotives are also there.
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^ That would be awesome, thank you! :) There is a museum in my city too, which i ll try to visit for the same purpose.


Poll closed automatically on Saturday as was opted to.

#1: Booklet of photos/pictures of trains and rail stations (Smiley) (7 votes)
#2: Post card from each country we are + message (tsubasa) (6 votes)


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In my place.. sorry for posting with incomplete thought 🤣🤣
Maybe photo/postcard of bus of your country can do...........because bus station is also a station. If not, any postcard from your country, we will try to pull everything together.


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Yeah, so it can't be a stock photo? I am not thinking I am going to get to any station before Aug. Or whenever the turn in date is. I had hoped for the postcard thing.


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Yeah, so it can't be a stock photo? I am not thinking I am going to get to any station before Aug. Or whenever the turn in date is. I had hoped for the postcard thing.
Everything will do, just write birthday message is also fine. Let’s start our project now, time is running short.


Roses at her doorstep
This time we’ve will print a normal book, please allow 3mm margin on each edge if you submit artwork