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Yuki Kajiura and Go Shiina to compose for Kimetsu no Yaiba by ufotable - [update: YK OST bundle announced + credits out]

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LOL so true! I really wonder why she always follows the same recipe for all FJ songs apart from stone cold ? If i were her i 'd be bored, but since she doesnt listen to her own compositions, i guess she already forgot she has used this kind of arrangement so many times already

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That really is a great OP, including the visuals. It seems like Bee Train did a better job with the visuals accompanying OPs and EDs than ufotable. It also makes me guess that Yuki was greatly influenced by crazy 80s Bollywood songs (like KS Chithra) during that period, but that influence has disappeared, except for the occasional Fion wailing.
^ Its the typical lazy ED sequence visual scenes that most animes get that are not exclusive to ufotable, if you check arslan senki or sao you ll see what i mean. As for the song, even though obsession is very repeatitive, i still like it alot, and especially the strings version inside the ost


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Just watched episode 2 and I'll pass on this anime. I clench my butt everytime the MC speaks and the rest of the show isn't winning me over either.

Hope everyone enjoys themselves. I'll show myself out of the thread until the OST comes out.


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LiSA actually sounds good when not shrieking, hue. I didn't even recognize her the first few seconds. The song sounds good. The refrain is the weakest part (why does this always happen in her shounen-ish OP/EDs?). Also, in the English part I hear a male voice. TK mebbe? The final part is definitely Kajiura.

Interesting that she used FJ Feat. X. Now I wonder how the sing it's going to be released. Will it be included in a LiSA single, in the OST, or a full single by Kajiura?

Me wants FictionJunction feat. Maaya Sakamoto, Mizuki Nana, KOKIA (or soundtrack hue), Elisa, and moar.
^ Oh you 're right, i was wondering what the slow parts in the song reminded me lol.

Yes i so much want her to work on some slice of life anime, (like working! was) or even a game.
^ Well yes but even comedy could have bgm :)


Episode 2:

bgm at 17:30 and the next one is by Kajiura

So far, from ep 1 and 2, first 15 mins are Go Shiina and the next 10 are Kajiura, i wonder if its a trend.
Also wonder who did the after-ED bgm
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That bgm was yet another arrangement of the chiaki melody.

At this point, I think we've heard everything Kajiura wrote for this soundtrack. Call me pessimistic but the direction her music has been taking with this show as well as her own tweets have done nothing to convince me otherwise.