What are you watching besides anime?

Hah, seeing my post up there about Black Mirror. Still haven't seen it, whoops.

I have watched all of The Man in the High Castle since then, though. I'm really interested to see where it's going next, it's been great so far.
Gah, this thread reminds me of all the shows I feel I need to watch so I actually have more to talk about with my friends. The last shows I watched? Jessica Jones, Teen Wolf and How I Met Your Mother.
Jessica Jones was really good and David Tennat's performance just killed me for whatever reason. I have so many questions and I feel sad about the ending for some reason when it was actually a victorious ending for the protagonist.
Teen Wolf is so dramatic, I literally only started watching it to be closer to my crush but since my feelings for her seem to have left I might put it on hold even though I do enjoy it, honestly the order of the list of shows I have at the moment probably will depend on my class list for this year.
If anyone needs anything to watch In The Flesh is probably one of my favourite TV shows. It's about a small town in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse except, they have a cure for zombies. These cured zombies are now Partially Deceased Sufferers whom are being sent back to their lives to live with the human population. The show follows Kieren Walker a Partially Deceased Sufferer and his daily life settling back into the community.
The show deals with many dark subjects and is a great vehicle for discrimination, racism and civil rights. Too bad BBC cancelled it however the creator is thinking about creating a movie following the story.
Finally saw the movie "The Last Emperor" on blu-ray on Saturday. Glad that I had waited until I understood some more of the background context first (e.g. events in Manchuria).
Gotham season two and the X Files reboot. Got Walking Dead and Better Call Saul back this week too.

I have a lot to watch.
Old thread revival
Kinda off topic. Marvel ish.

So Loki finished kinda and uh, yea... I feel like people who loved Endgame would eat this show up. I didn't like Endgame and I think I liked Loki even less.
Everything they say about the multiversal war and shit, the sacred timeline, etc makes sense to me in general. But everything they SHOW happening (and how they twist it) is just absolute derp. It's overconvoluted for the sake of the show itself and has no place in the grand scheme of things. Maybe I'm2dum4this - it feels like there are literally no rules to anything here. I'm 99% sure their upcoming movies will take the easy way out with the multiverse and not even try to make sense of this Loki BS or address it (because they really don't have to, multiverse as a concept is "ez").

Thanks for the OST though. Hopefully the 2nd volume has less tracks missing. Coming July 23. I'm gonna stick to my opinion that it's the best Disney OST since Mandalorian S1.

PS. Sylvie x Loki is probably the least believable on-screen relationship I've seen in recent times. Even less than Romanoff and Banner (to stick to the MCU).

So Marvel Studios shows so far, IMHO:
WandaVision (my only gripe was the motivations (or lack of them) for the "villain(s)" and also how they left certain plots/characters hanging with us not knowing when/if they get picked up again and in a way that makes sense) > FatWS (I thought it ended too neatly. I was honestly shocked that Sam's "brilliant" museum idea in the finale went so smoothly. All that drama and all he really wanted was a lil' recognition for his time in the military? I'm simplifying but that's how that finale sequence read to me and I did not relate to that development.) >>>>>>>> Loki (Like I said above - maybe I'm 2dum4this.)
At least the fun was better than in most other Marvel shows IMO. No stupid whedon jokes or that sort of thing. A bit of thinking that is quite uncommon in the MCU.

But yeah, it feels like they just wanted to introduce the multiverse prior to Doctor Strange 2 and Spider-man 3 especially, although it wasn't necessary... except for Kang maybe, but who knows, until he pops up again, things may have changed a lot (just compare to Thanos and his first design and desires rofl)

I think that Episode 5 had the best music (too bad the battle track sounds like the Indiana Jones theme* ???) and my favorite track from the show is the choir ending track from Episode 6.

* Well I guess I need to revise my classic lessons, dunno why I've mistaken the Indiana Jones theme with "Ride of the Valkyries" ^^'
But I need to clarify that I didn't try to listen to the episode ost again before writing this review so my memory played some tricks on me
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Sure, it was fun seeing all the Lokis and Owen Wilson hamming it up as Mobius.

I just can't get over how broken the show is. If it didn't try explaining stuff it would possibly be easier to swallow, but it tries and falls flat when you try to connect the dots and make sense of it. It's literally Back to the Future Part 2 on steroids and less engaging if you're not buying the LokixSylvie subplot. And it was a subplot, unlike WV and FatWS which were about characters first.

And then there's people saying this show is important because this and that... it really isn't because everything it introduces to the MCU, it also destroys immediately.
I don't think I have any intention of watching Space Jam 2. 3dcgi classic tunes? Y?
Actually the first video I posted is edited to avoid the copyright and it looks really bad. The second video is a cameo which means not their final clothing (harry potter), so I think they rushed the CGI... Other than that it wasn't so shocking.
"All of Us Are Dead" was very enjoyable. Came for Kim Byung-chul (great performance as Sigma), stayed for the chicken.
The part on the roof makes me think that the creators love 7 Days to Die lol
This and "Sweet Home", more K-Zombies please.
House of the Dragon
A good first episode. If the melody that plays when entering Kings Landing is the Opening Theme, I'm sold.
I watched "The Way of the House-Husband" on my way back from Japan - over-the-top comedy about an ex-yakuza who looks after the household...
lulz, I enjoyed playing the 1st episode soundtrack more than listening to the first few tracks from the standalone album. v( '')v
Alice in Borderland is over.
It was really entertaining to see a post-apocalyptic Tokyo, with many of its famous skyscrapers such as Mori Tower, Sumitomo Roppongi Grand Tower, Izumi Garden Tower, Azabudai Hills still under construction (2020 or 2021?) or the amazing Shibuya Scramble Square for the finale (Shibuya Sky, all fresh in my memories since I went there one month ago). I think I also recognized Nakano Sun Plaza (makes sense since Alice is walking from Setagaya - Kichijoji - this place - Shibuya) (but lol, it's supposed to be redeveloped soon so that's inaccurate).