[Vtuber] Nijisanji 'Inui Toko, Machita Chima and Melissa Kinrenka' to cover Oblivious to be released in Nijisanji Cover Album "Prismatic Colors"


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にじさんじ初のカバーソングアルバム『Prismatic Colors』発売決定!!本日9月1日より予約受付開始! | いちから株式会社 (ichikara.co.jp)
Release Date: 10/28
Not sure where to put this but well..I doubt anyone is interested in this but since I'm in vtuber hellhole already and Kajiura stan y not? lol

According to translated site: Nijisanji Cover Album "Prismatic Colors" announced, interesting line-ups. : VirtualYoutubers (reddit.com) , this oblivious (collab cover) will only be included as a bonus disc? Interesting choice to cover tho lol.
Sad thing is they never mentioned the original composers of every cover songs but it should be this oblivious right? lol and they have 3 of them singing this so def. this is it.

Their respective channels if anyone is interested hearing their covers and of course their streams :dote:
戌亥とこ -Inui Toko- - YouTube
町田ちま【にじさんじ】 - YouTube
メリッサ・キンレンカ - YouTube
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Them not menthioning is a copyright infrigment and it ll make people who never heard it before to think that its their own song
I'm glad the oblivious cover is included in nyaa since the song only for bonus CDs woooo

I'm not really digging the vocal in 2nd verse kinda not fitting for the instrumental or smth....At least they kept the atmosphere of the song. Hearing the Kajiurago from others kinda nice lol and wow someone cover the last part of Keiko lines lol