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Today was a very Kajiuran day

Greetings. I just realized that when left to my own devices, as I was today, I do very little that is not related to YK music in some way. Today, my day went like this: I bought "Hyakka Ryouran," "Kantan katan," and "Tonbo" on Japanese iTunes, and then listened to them over and over as I finished the last installment in a three year long ongoing art project inspired by the album "consolation." I walked my dog, then practiced playing "Jumping fish," "Kioku no Mori," and "progressive" on the piano. After that, I hunted down videos of Kalafina performing "identify" live to get ideas so I could choreograph a dance of it. Then I figured out how to post all of the previously mentioned art project in the "creative corner" of this forum.

Do you all ever have days like this, where pretty much all you do is connected to this incredible music in some way? While I'm not in school, it happens to me with some frequency. What would your ideal "Kajiuran day" include?


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More times than I care to count. ;)

Hell, I even lift weights to some of the heavier Kajiuran tracks, and instead of playing the piano, I often sing Kala and FJ songs in full baritone while I'm cooking.
It's my daily life as well, everything that I always do must also include listening to Kalafina or Kajiura's music in general, like checking this forum, traveling and listening to music, doing simple chores, I remember I had to write lots of college related stuff there and I blasted nothing but Kajiura's music on my phone till I got the work done, then I end up fishing out some interviews and lots of live performances by the end of the day, it has become routine to me by this point.


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I don't have much free time, but I do have this type of YK music Days. For instance, I used to spend time lipsinging songs in front of the mirror, as an exercise - to learn to open mouth wider while singing as well as pay attention to the facial expression (my band supervisor always says how important it is!). I also love to play Kala songs loud, practicing each of the vocal parts separately.
Not to mention I watch the videos from the Lives over and over again, scam through Kalafina Blog, search for newest photos, etc.


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I'm always listening to music whenever possible honestly, and naturally I have a lot of Kajiura and Kalafina amongst my collection, so they come up now and then. Recently I've been listening to a lot more than usual due to Kantankatan hype.