Terms of Use Updated


The following was added:

You agree not to advertize any websites or products you may be affiliated with without disclosure of that affiliation. Doing so will lead to a permanent and immediate ban.
...this has been unofficial, but should be official.

* If it's not immediately obvious a website is yours, and it is, say it is.
* If you are offering somthing for sale on that site (like Etsy, for example) say so.
* Links in signatures - especially text links, left for search engines to find - will be scrutinized especially hard.
* If you reply to a thread created by a user in violation of this policy, expect the post to be deleted. Even better, just hit the "!" button and report it, rather than replying.

Probably not, but it's better to have a warning than not to - for those that might unintentionally advertize-spam in the future.
I'll sticky it for another week.

edit: Accounts "kristen" and "afrajimmy" deactivated due to this policy.