Tears infection - «Myself; Yourself» opening

Nick Hunter

I have reached Yuki nirvana
Truly, but for Wikipedia, I'd have missed this song.
Sung by Haruka [no idea who that is, so far], this piece is merry and very interesting to hear. Yuki obviously goes on using guitar sound [the tendency for the last year in her works] and actually the song resembles such titles as Sakura Saku [Love Hina] or more resent Sakura Kiss [Ouran Host Club].
Mind you, when I talk about tendencies, I presume that Yuki did the arrangement as well. So far, no available sourse has told me otherwise.
Now found at http://www.gendou.com
Kerahna said:
Gendou and every other source says its by KAORI, and amazon says its written by someone else :S http://www.amazon.co.jp/Tears-Infection ... B000VKNLFK
(磯江俊道, TARAWO, 志倉千代丸)

Not sure if wikipedia is right, but the song is pretty :D

Yeah, it's Kaori! Sorry, I mixed that up.
As for Yuki... (sob sob) Does even Wikipedia play info jokes with me? :cry: :)
No, honestly, I thought the information there is trustable.

I'm looking for other source on that matter.
Thunders upon my head! :shock: :x :x
I've checked AnimeNewsNetwork - according to it, the composer is not Yuki...
And then, here I go back to Wiki article and find out that the notion has been removed from the list. OK, better late than never. :)
And the melody has such a Yuki-like touch, too... :roll:

Kerahna, everyone, sorry for wrong data. I'll be more careful next time. :oops: :)