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Do we have a thread for the spice girls? i’m unsure …

Anyways they’re releasing a 25 year anniversary special edition of SPICE 10/29/21! I’ve preordered my copy already. i got the 2CD album. they also have vinyls and cassette tapes but i’m holding off for now …
Not that big of a fan but if they included instrumentals for at least the singles and all the b-sides, I'd probably go for it.
I don't know why they are including some b-sides but skipping others... Is there a particular reason to not include Bumper to Bumper and Baby Come Round? Other than maybe that they are "too solo"... Still all of them are credited.
i agree i think the second disc is complete crap and offers little material for such a grand re-release. the whole project seems lazy and uninspired. even their merch promotion is just phone camera pictures of the girls (except VB) wearing sweaters or holding a friggin mug