Sore wa chisana hikari no yo na [Sayuri]


^ i can fix those. however we are always using translation of one of our members, so using one that's mostly from other sites isnt so nice. and these romanji seen to have some errors.


Bowl of Yuki-shaped cereal
Part 2:

The clocks in every room
are a little off, but
we are always gears
with conflicting words

I cried all alone
a make-believe hero
and lost heart before reaching out
these two hands that I touched your cheek with

The world that thinks that it wants to destroy you
in the narrow interval of the dream
is impregnated with a black prayer
The kind fingers that were caressing you
as an important thing, are getting twisted
For my own sake, I try to struggle
my way to the faint shine
with my hands that have no strength
Guide me to the future
where you are singing

I think I want to protect
the warm place that I believe exists
beyond any doubt
The kindness that was eaten by loneliness
is buried in the white snow in this night
Like the old wound where you lit
a small fire into my heart,
keep smiling
Your song is like a light
that awakens me from
the darkness of this world

Only I was
watching you...

(Feel free to correct me, I didn't double-check anything, rushing back to work)