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Small Things You Notice in Kajuira / Kalafina lives


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Walgreens pharmacy Hours What are some things you notice in their lives that are not obvious on first view ?

One thing I notice is how Keiko will sync her movements with Kaori when they are singing together or both are not singing. Kaori doesn't do this though. I noticed how Keiko is constantly glancing at Kaori to see what she is doing, then she syncs with her. For me, it's eye catching to see them do this.

I haven't seen Keiko do syncing with any of the others or in Kalafina.
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That only Keiko and Yuriko are capable singers. Maybe that's not so small though.

But to be less obnoxious to new members: In old lives that I watched, Keiko/Wakana constantly had either eye contact or some choreography, so I guess I don't notice small things. Or don't pick up on them since I don't care much about that. :/
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Sure, watch Keiko’s hand gestures:

I’ve been watching that 10th Ann live a lot recently, so those examples come to mind easily. I know I’ve often seen Yuriko hand signaling like that to get all the singers to end sustained notes together, but I’m unable to find an example quickly on YouTube. I think she started doing that later than the vol2 live, which is the one best represented on YouTube. I’ll have to look on VK later at vol9 or 11.


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Well, I just couldn't enjoy them the same way after realizing what their skills are. I watched vol2 before that epiphany so it remained magical in my head. That, and the setlists just never really delivered for me as much as that first video release. But the recycling's been talked about in other threads.

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Vol2 definitely seems to have the most youthful energy out of all the FJ live video releases. Although Vol4 has the advantage of Wakana just looking so damn good.


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You guys are saying how Vol.2 and 4 were superior we never even saw the first live featuring almost all real singers, the recent ones with the Tetris themed anniversary stage. (don't recall the number).

For me Elemental was the best album and live # 11 was my favorite. Maybe its not the best but for me its the last time the 'magic' was there and also it featured the best set list for my tastes. Sure it features over-the-hill and near-death, suffocating/dehydrated after 5 days in the desert Wakana but what can you do.


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YKL#11 DVD has the worst and dullest editing ever. 70% of the screentime went to Wakana even when she's not singing the melody (and she sings the melody for like 50% of the whole concert, shared with Kaori). Also all the solo shots for Keiko and Yuriko are weird af, both in timing and camera angle. They couldn't even get a solid solo shot of Keiko in Hitorigoto (want to show proof but meh lazy).

The best FJ DVD is YKL#4 pt.1. And I think Yuuka was sick during YKL11 because she looked very uncomfortable throughout the concert, or maybe she's trying to hold back and looked more 'professional', idk.

The best Kalafina DVD is the progressive bonus DVD and Red Moon LE DVD. No Hikari no Senritsu live topped that one. Even those later lives with percussion and live flute. Too bad the obvious edit on progressive live was the very first thing that made me question Wakana's live vocal ability.


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Agree on live vol. 2 being the best. The setlist was super diverse and I really enjoyed the way Kajiura rearranged the songs to fit the live performance; the recycled playlists and audio playback are two of my biggest pet peeves. The performers also just seemed so enthusiastic and energized back then. I really felt like they were giving their all compared to current lives where everyone, including the musicians, look asleep.


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The reality is that Kajiverse began to decline directly after the completion of Xenosaga Ep III. This is around when her lives peaked as well coinciding with Live vol. 2. Red Moon was also the best Kala live for me. From a sonic standpoint I can play the Vol. 11 lives and other later things and enjoy as background to other tasks, but certainly the energy and vitality had waned, also seems the song choices were less risky over time. But nothing will change this downward trend unless SnowTomorrow somehow takes part in something that isn't a Fate/Rehash cashgrab in order to regain some of her spirit. Then again maybe live Vol 14 (and maybe 15 next year) was amazing but being a baka-gaijin has stolen this experience from me.

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Wasn’t Yuriko Kaida sick in Vol 11 LIVE? When Kajiura introduced her to the audience, she barely said a word if I recall correctly- please correct me if I’m wrong!!!

My only problem with Vol 11 was that Kaori was barely smiling. Only time she smiled in “storytelling” (MY FAV SONG BY THE WAY) was literally the end of one line at the second half of the first set of verses. It just seemed to me like she wasn’t having a good time!

I agree on the point mentioned that WAKANA looked goegeous in vol 11 and yes she had a LOT of screen time. She was smiling so gracefully and really seemed to me like she was having a great time — which is a humongous contrast to how the other three singers looked.

“Gaika” LIVE was sooooooo boring. The song itself is already hypnotic (in a very good way) to begin with. They sounded great but could’ve gone a darker route versus the dull standing in one spot the whoooooooole time kinda act.

They honestly could’ve done more walking around the stage instead of being as stagnant as they were!!!

My biggest qualm with vol 11 on DVD/BD was that it would’ve had a better effect on me if it was just an audio release. The visual presentation of their performance wasn’t impressive. Albeit they looked AMAAAZING and I really liked how they designed the stage.