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“Skies of Tomorrow” - a Kalafina-inspired composition


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This song is amazing!! The girls will appreciate for sure!! I want to sing it too next days ùwù The rithm is capturing :)


Wow this is really good!! You have a really nice voice as well, I quite like your wide vibrato :)
I noticed a bit of vocal straining on those higher notes (the 'sora ni' mainly), but in general it was very very good. You should try and share it with Kajiura through Twitter or something, I'm sure she'd love it.

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I cannot thank each of you enough for your kind words....

@Animexcel Thank you so much! I’m glad you felt the “Kalafina” vibe... I hope to compose more in the future! :D

@HimeWakana Thank youuu!! If you want the instrumental... let me know... it would be an honor if you sang it!!

@Sania Thank you very much! I’m happy to hear that the spirit was recognizable in the song.. Glad you liked it :)

@sarasara Thank you for the wonderful compliments! Oh yes I definitely need to retouch my higher notes... Wow I never thought about sharing on Twitter to Kajiura.... I’ll definitely be doing this! Thanks fo the suggestion :D