See-Saw Complete BESΤ 「See-Saw-Scene」


I like Yuki
1993年にデビューしたVocal & Chorus石川智晶・Keyboards 梶浦由記によるユニット“See-Saw”。

昨年12月に、東京国際フォーラム ホールAにて単独ライブとしては17年ぶり、一夜限りのライブでチケットも即完売となった「See-Saw LIVE 〜Dream Field 2019〜」を開催し、SNS上でトレンドになるなど話題となった伝説的なユニットの待望のコンプリートベスト盤の発売が6月10日(水)に決定しました。



タイトル:See-Saw Complete BEST
商品番号:VTCL-60524~6 ※3枚組
商品価格:¥4,500+税 POS:4582575 38127 3

【収録楽曲】 ※曲順未定

・La La Africa
・Timecard Love
・Chao Tokyo
・素肌 ノーメイク
・スレンダー カメレオン
・Emerald Green
・Jumping Fish

Best of albums sometimes have a new song, so it's not wrong of him to expect one. At least a remix would've been cool.
Might buy it too if the economy doesn't go to the shitter around release date, hue.
Considering I only have Dream Field reissue, I'm definitely interested in this release and will try to get it at some point.

Unfortunately it will have to wait, as I expect to have no income for at least the next 6 months - Europe has no idea how to deal with this virus...
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It's a compilation of old studio recordings.
The live was mentioned since that was their "reunion" and what probably sparked interest for this release and is the most recent thing they can talk about in an announcement/profile post.

Edit: Well someone removed their post.
I removed it, sorry I understood it later and I didn't want to bother anyone...

(basically I asked if it was a live album release because the Dream field 2019 live was mentioned among all the japanes characters)

Thank you and sorry for the mess!
I got to counting and I ~think~ there's only 35 in the list above? Maybe Heaven is still included.
Edit: Yeah, automated by our board after replacing the ・ with bbcode, lol. 35 listed.
  1. Swimmer
  2. うた
  3. キライになりたい
  4. 永遠
  5. La La Africa
  6. かくれんぼ
  7. Timecard Love
  8. 不透明水彩絵具
  9. 遠いティンパニ
  10. 心の絵本
  11. Chao Tokyo
  12. うす紅
  13. 素肌 ノーメイク
  14. 抱きしめている
  15. スレンダー カメレオン
  16. 誰か私と・・・
  17. NERVE
  18. また会えるから
  19. たった一人のあなたへ
  20. Obsession
  21. 優しい夜明け
  22. edge
  23. 黄昏の海
  24. あんなに一緒だったのに
  25. 月ひとつ
  26. 君がいた物語
  27. Emerald Green
  28. 記憶
  29. LOVE
  30. 千夜一夜
  31. 夏の手紙
  32. Jumping Fish
  33. indio
  34. 君は僕に似ている
  35. 静寂はヘッドフォンの中
Do you guys think this is a first step for them to start collaborating again as See-saw and maybe release new music? :D
Maybe they are just cashing on nostalgia like so many companies do these days
(disney -old movie remakes
Sony - Ps1 mini
nintendo -N64 reissue with emulator
atari - console reissue
microsoft - age of empires definitive edition
EA - CnC remastered). They ll probably decide what to do next based on the sales of this one
I'd honestly like to buy it, but seems a bit pricey for a compilation of old songs that I can't even listen because I don't even have a CD player anymore :/
I mean, it's cheaper than buying 4 seperate releases if they were to reissue the original 2 albums and early best. And also two out-of-print singles (Kimi wa and Kimi ga ita Monogatari for the original version).
It says it's 3disc in the first post/announcement. Track order not final.
Oh thank goodness. I was just looking at the list of tracks and did not thing they were in a good order at all. Emerald Green / Indio should be the final track. I do like the idea of starting with Swimmer though.

Kenjikun said:
Do you guys think this is a first step for them to start collaborating again as See-saw and maybe release new music? :D
If a benevolent God exists, this will happen. Would make Kalafina disbanding fully worth it.
Not particularly surprising but I noticed Heaven was added to the unsorted song list on Kajiura's and JVC's sites. :P