SAO Film Orchestra Concerts 2020/21: 3rd Jul - 23rd Sep 2021


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"On a special night celebrating the 10th anniversary of SAO, Yuki Kajiura will supervise the music of the Sword Art Online Film Orchestra Concert 2020 with the Tokyo New City Orchestra, which will be held at the Concert Hall of the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre."

Date: April 11, 2020

Official website:
Hosted: Aniplex / Tokyo New City Orchestra
Planning: Aniplex
Production: Axis
Production Cooperation: Fictionjunction Music / Highway Star
Sponsorship: SAO-A Project
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Wow :D thats awesome but the "Film" part worries me... Are they going to perform the (nonexistent) SAO Ordinale Scale OST ? Or its called film because they usually perform film soundtracks, or play for film music recording ?

More links:

^ There is a region-blocked video


Someone was asking for orchestral Kajiura and here we are lol.
Wonder who will be the orchestrators and who will be the conductor !


I eat sleep and breathe Yuki
You can see the video/CM on the twitter link that I posted.

From what I understood, this is like the title of the live "Sword Art Online Film Orchestra Concert 2020" w/ orchestra so I assume they would show clips of scenes in the sao anime while orchestra is playing, kinda like pripri.

What worries me is if they will play those crappy symphonic character songs :ghost: But Kajiura is the supervisor....Who knows :@_@: And it's not specified to alicization so probably only osts? wat if op/ed too? :omg:

Anyway, SAO always giving Kajiura sponsorship lives (the cancelled live, special sao lives, now this) so I really like what they are giving her.


^ He was asking for opera, not just orchestra though :3

Happy for the concert but where are the new soundtracks ? lol


I eat sleep and breathe Yuki
There are new BD/DVD sets for War of the Underworld and non contains OST bundle info so far
I know. And Vol. 1 got released just this week. So the OST (which I assume on Vol. 4) announcement could be around Feb-March. SAO seldom prioritize OSTs release honestly :ohoho:


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any word on the arranger/conductor ? if not, either they certainly don't know how to announce an orchestral concert or things are in super early stage.

and what is Aniplex Tokyo New City Orchestra ? Was it ever in existence ? or just this once they are calling it that ?

The osts had "Symphonic Alicilization Orchestra" and the ost was not a symphony orchestra lol.

unless they announce the arranger or the orchestra is known, I will think negatively of this.... hopefully it will be good though, there is so much potential.

=should have wished for something else=


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and what is Aniplex Tokyo New City Orchestra ? Was it ever in existence ? or just this once they are calling it that ?
It's just TNCO, without the Aniplex part.

Considering FJMusic and Highwaystar are cooperating in the production of the event, I think Kajiura's role might be a little bit bigger than just supervisor. Maybe she'll try some orchestrating, or re-arranging vocal parts.


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Meh. The new season may have some good tunes but that doesn’t make up for all the mediocrity in the past.

what is highway star btw?


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I had none but I really hope it is good and there is a recording of it. and ultimately this is a trend and there will be arrangements like this for other osts.